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College Dudes You Will Meet A Party

A college party is like a jungle: it’s noisy, crowded and hard to navigate. Beyond that, this environment turns the male species, a phenomenon that is hard enough to understand during the day, into entirely different sort of beasts. Each person you meet at a party, whether or not the encounter is particularly pleasant, contributes to the chaotic and memorable experience you look back on the next morning.


1.Mr Popularity

This guy plays the host of the party, but even if he wasn’t running things, he would give off the self-assured aura of collegiate royalty. You can identify him by his preppy attire and easy charm—that is if you can see him past the swarm of girls trying to get his attention. The King of the House is an athlete and a business major, and he seems to have everything figured out. He knows everyone, and everyone knows him.


2.The Enthusiastic Dancer

If we had to classify him as either human or dancer, he would most certainly fall under the category of “dancer.” This guy will spend the entire party busting his moves, and he won’t even get sweaty. No one said it was a competition, but he obviously won. Fools try to dance next to them but the wiser ones form a respectful circle around them. He didn’t come here to find the love of his life; he came here to be the life of the party.


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3. The Boyfriend

He’s cute, he’s nice, and he’s taken. You have enjoyed talking to him for the past twenty minutes. In fact, you have spent the past ten minutes planning the wedding and imagining how cute your kids would be. Everything is going great: until he starts his sentence with “My girlfriend and I…” and then it’s all over. Your imaginary future quickly comes crumbling down. He will spend the entire night with his girlfriend. He will probably be wearing a sweater his girlfriend got him for his birthday, and you won’t see him with a beverage until he’s gotten one for his girlfriend. The Boyfriend might be a nice guy, but if you’re not the one dating him, you won’t have much of an opportunity to get to know him.


4.The Safety Patrol

When the party starts, he’ll be friendly and eager to play some board games. As the party picks up, he’ll start to panic over the loud music and the number of intoxicated partygoers. It is not unusual for The Overenthusiastic Freshman to metamorphose into The Safety Patrol.


5.The Good Guy

He came to the party to have a good time with his friends and meet some new people, not to get laid. He usually gets stuck taking care of his sloppy friend, but you won’t hear him complain about it. He’s also often times the designated driver. Though he’s not the soberest at times and his intentions may be iffy, he’s always a shoulder to lean on when you’re stumbling around in those six-inch heels on a Friday night.


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6.The One Nobody Knows

Honestly, where did this person come from? Who are they? Why do they keep trying to DJ?


7. The freshman

It’s singular, yes, but they usually run in herds. They’re either overdressed or underdressed and carry an air of quiet desperation wherever they go.



This article was first published on the HerCampus site. To read the rest of the article click here.


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