‘Classic Man’ Jidenna posts pictures on the Gram wearing a Kinyozi t-shirt and Kenyan fans can’t keep calm

American Nigerian singer Jidenna posted pictures of him wearing a Swahili inscribed ‘Kinyozi’ t-shirt and Kenyan fans are ecstatic.

Famed for hits like ‘Classic Man’, ‘Little Bit More’, ‘Bambi’ and ‘Boomerang’, ‘Jidenna’ was representing Kenya with the t-shirt that not only had he Swahili word ‘Kinyozi’ on it which translates to ‘Barber’ but is also made by a Kenyan brand known as Jamhuri Wear.

Jidenna did not post any caption to go with the picture but let his fans to marvel at his well known good looks complete with plaited hair, beard, tattooed arm and the Kinyozi t-shirt.

In the comments, elated Kenyans and other Swahili speaking fans went ahead to shout out the 34 year old for representing Kenya with his clothing.

Jidenna is known for representing the motherland and Nigeria where his father was from with his clothing, music and even speaking in Igbo, a popular Nigerian native tongue. To pay homage to his Nigerian roots, Jidenna has released hist like ‘Chief Don’t Run’ and ‘Long Live Chief’ off his 2017 album, ‘The Chief’.

Born Jidenna Theodore Mobisson, Jidenna performed in Kenya for the first time in July 2017 at the 3rd edition of the Hennessy FOMO party at Carnivore grounds, Nairobi.


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