Chronixx: Smile for me Kenya

Chronixx, a popular Jamaican reggae musician is coming to Kenya.

Born to a father, also popular musician named “Chronicle”Jamar Rolando McNaughton Sr fostered his love for music leading him to a prosperous career. Known to many as Chronixx a name he gained was actually shortened from “Little Chronicle”  the 23 year ol reggae star is on tour. Among the cities on the Africa Soul Cycle Tour include Kampala Uganda, Johannesburg South Africa and of course Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.

The young artist has made an impact on the reggae scene praised for bringing back conscious Reggae to the fore front.With a progressive message, his music speaks on themes of resilience and peace. With popular hits like  “Here comes trouble” and “Smile Jamaica”, Chronnix is set to rock the stage at KICC when he performs on the 18th of June.

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