Check out the underrated Bongo artist Mbosso recommends for your listening pleasure

Mbosso is now an established name, and when he speaks it might be a good idea to pay attention.

With all four of his last releases getting more than 5M YouTube views each, it is clear this young Bongo star has cracked the formula for a number one track. And now, the Wasafi Records signee is eager to introduce new artists into the spotlight. I guess you can call him the plug because he is sharing new and underrated artists with his 1.9M followers on Instagram.

Taking to the photo-sharing platform, Mbosso Khan shared a new release by Enock Bella. The blond-haired Tanzanian is a little known artist with great potential. Among his biggest hits is the track he released in January 2019 dubbed ‘I Swear‘ which has garnered well over 600K views online. Coming with a new track ‘Walifuata Jina’, Enock Bella is eager to make it to the big leagues and Mbosso is set to do his part to help.

The Tanzania artist is managed by a Kenyan Vekta and continues to find success in the +254, with his last media tour for the track ‘Tamu’ seeing him featured on local media outlets including KU Tv, 10 OVER 10 as well as The Takeoff on Hot 96. Having been pictured with Kenyan heavy hitters including Naiboi and Wyre, it is only a matter of time for him to release a collaboration with a Kenyan artist. Check out Enock Bella’s track below:

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