Cheating couple Natalie Tewa and Rnaze back together after Vera Sidika intervenes

Social media sweethearts Natalie Tewa and boyfriend Moses Mukiibi aka Rnaze are back together all thanks to one Vera Sidika.

The Youtube couple had tongues wagging last week following their messy break up on social media. As reported by The Sauce, there were claims of cheating from both sides as Rnaze claimed that he had found Natalie cheating but also said that he is a guy and he has “bitches”. Natalie, on the other hand, had accused her ‘broke’ bae of physically abusing her and kicking her out of the house they shared as well as deleting some of her work on Youtube.

Now all that seems to be in the past as Natalie and Rnaze are well on their way to making amends after they seemingly had a peaceful conversation with none other than socialite Vera Sidika responsible for the late night meet up.

Both Natalie and Vera posted on their Instagram stories. Vera posted saying she loved seeing people make up while Natalie thanked the “Nalia” singer for hosting them. Rnaze is however yet to post anything about the reconciliation on his social media platforms.

The reconciliation efforts by Vera comes days after she was seen getting cozy with the Ugandan hunk for his 30th birthday party at XS Millionaires right after the bombshell that was the break up between him and the natural haired beauty.

Just like last week, Natalie Tewa is one of the top trending topics on Twitter this morning (02.04.19) with people commenting on the possible making up with the photographer saying that Natalie is a “fool” for getting back together with Rnaze after all the things he did to her and that they will still not end up together. Others felt “played” on as they had been invested in their relationship, then took sides after the break up while some praised them for getting back together because love always wins.

Do you think that the break up was a publicity stunt or love always wins?

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