Chantelle Petit’s baby daddy Ephy Saint gives his shocking side of the story

The drama continues, model and filmmaker Ephy Saint has revealed shocking details about his baby mama, vlogger Chantelle Petit.

As reported by The Sauce yesterday (17.04.19) all hell broke loose as Kenyan vlogger Chantelle Petit exposed her baby daddy Ephy Saint for treating her badly during her pregnancy, being a pathological liar and for trash talking her in a series of now-deleted Instagram stories.

Yesterday, an unruffled Ephy took to social media to throw lowkey shade at Chantelle. He posted photos of his first daughter saying he is a good dad and added that he has no time to argue or to explain himself.


Today, Ephy has taken to Instagram stories to really explain his side of the story, accusing Mama Boo Boo of defrauding Kenyans by asking for a lot more money than she needed when she was fundraising for her fistula treatment early this year.

The former Tahidi High actor who is currently in Dubai proceeded to outline the expenses needed by Chantelle whilst she targeted to raise 2M. According to the post, there is a 185,000 bill that has not been paid at Coptic Hospital where Chantelle delivered their baby girl and got treatment for fistula afterward.

Ephy questions why Chantelle lied about clearing the entire bill while her family only paid 120,000 before being discharged and why her 4th surgery with a specialist doctor cost around 400,000 while  NHIF allegedly covered these costs. He goes ahead to detail that Chantelle allegedly hired a nurse for 3,000 a day for a month totaling to 90,000. She went on to have her home nurse for 3 months, totaling to 270,000.

According to his calculations, Ephy who called Chantelle a liar said that her expenses should have amounted to about 1M but she asked Kenyans to contribute 2M towards her medical fund. He also taunted Chantelle to come at him with facts, not half-truths. Ephy also accuses Chantelle of going out to try before healing.

He dished out details that their baby at some point weighed less than her birth weight because Chantelle was not breastfeeding her which resulted to the nurses calling therapists twice to try to talk to the mother to love the baby. He also vindicated himself from being labeled as a bad father by posting of how much he was there for her during the whole ordeal but Chantelle did not appreciate his efforts and went as far as keeping their daughter away from him.

Chantelle has also come out to reply to these accusations complete with a hospital receipt adding that she chooses not to reply on the accusations that are painting her to be a monster and a bad mother. She further notes that she has been advised to be quiet on the matter by her pro bono lawyer.

Despite this whole drama and constant war of words by the minute on Instagram stories, the two parents to baby girl Summer have taken to social media to show their immense love for their daughter.





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