Career Climb: Jobs worth exploring that don’t require much training

For those of you who are not able to attend college or university, there are still jobs that only require a high school certificate and a willingness to learn. This is one way of building your way to success. Take a look at the jobs you can try out.

1. Fashion designer/Tailor
Kate Mayeye is the founder of African Fabrics and Designs Kenya Ltd. In an interview with She leads Africa, she says she didn’t go to fashion school to start designing. You can train with a tailor for some time in order to learn the basics. A piece of clothing can go for Kshs.2,000 to Kshs.4,000 depending on the client needs. Clients at times also give you the fabric to use and this cuts down on costs. This is one job you can get easily or start with a minimum capital.

2.Taxi operator
All you need is a driving license and some experience driving. Taxi companies offer jobs as their market grows so that is one place you can start looking. You can make Kshs.1,500 to Kshs.3,000 on one ride depending on the distance. Taxi companies usually take a fixed commission and as the driver, you are left with the reminder. It is advisable to seek out more established taxi companies, to avoid being exploited as a first-time taxi driver.

3.Media and communications equipment workers
This is a job that you can get on-the-job training. It involves handling technical equipment at TV or radio stations. Your work will be to work on materials such as the camera, setting up tripods, microphones, video monitors. A local studio that edits videos can help you learn how such equipment works. You can then use that experience to look for a job at a major media house.

4.Insurance sales agents
This job involves marketing an insurance company’s policies and products. One does not need a lot of qualification apart from having a persuasive tongue. One is usually required to work on a daily basis and it is a field that is highly competitive. If you capture good clients over time, the commission can lead you earning as high as Kshs.80,000 a month or more. The best option is to work for major insurance providers.

For those who have no capital to start a business, these jobs are a good place to start.

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