Career Climb : 4 ways to avoid getting comfortable after a promotion

Congratulations, you just got promoted. However, contrary to belief, the workload does not get easier. In fact, it may get harder to cope with your new position. Here are the most predictable post-promotion traps employees often fall into according to The Muse:

1. “That is not part of my new job description”

Unfortunately, this notion is very misleading. You may have been promoted, however, you might still be required to do the same tasks you did in your previous position. Therefore, ensure you put in effort in all areas you will be tasked with. What separates good employees from mediocre ones is the ability to adapt while still giving 100%

According to The Muse, “there are a couple things you can do to get a head start in your new role. For example, you can take someone you admire or someone in a similar position as yours to coffee and ask them how they’ve dealt with this kind of transition in their career. Or, you can look into the training options your company provides and see what’s available to you. Or, you can check out these classes for new managers who feel a little lost.”

2. “A renewed sense of importance”

A recent promotion is not an excuse to be arrogant and demean your colleagues. In fact, a new position is a great way to foster relationships with those who would be of help to you, even that new intern seated at the corner. It is essential that you remain humble, and do away with arrogance because it could easily be your downfall.

Be keen to learn from everyone, a great attitude could be your key to success.

3. “I can’t believe how many job offers I am getting”

You may be the new kid on the block getting all the attention. However, it is essential that you remain focused. A new role comes with its own challenges, so despite the renewed interest in your career from headhunters or on your LinkedIn account, keeping a cool head could save you several blunders.

According to The Muse, it is recommended that “for at least six months, stay focused solely on your new role and confirm for your boss that they made the right decision by supporting your upward mobility. If you find down the road it’s not a great fit, after all, then it’s OK to start the search.”

4. “Big spender”

A salary increase is probably the most treasured perks of a promotion. It is good to celebrate with a little something for yourself but is it important to cultivate a saving culture. The extra cash could be useful as you save for a new car, or buy a plot of land you have always dreamt about. Do not get carried away spending your money indiscriminately.

It’s OK to do a happy dance and celebrate your new promotion. But then, remind yourself to have a little patience, to stay focused and humble, and to be wise with your new responsibility and salary.



A similar article was first published on The Muse.

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