Career Climb : 4 Unconventional job hunting tips that will land you that job

The unemployment rate in Kenya stands at about 41%. The youth are the hardest hit yet they make up the largest growing group in the country. Apart from emailing your CV to potential employers, there are different ways you can go about job hunting in this tough economy.

1. Social Media
Social networking platforms can be utilized to land a job. In Kenya, one can rely on the Twitter hashtag #IkoKaziKe to follow job postings. Despite the high number of job seekers, one shouldn’t be discouraged. LinkedIn is another platform that can be used to look for a job. You can directly message professionals such as Human Resource managers of various companies and ask them if they have any slots available. If they don’t, make use of the app’s new mentorship program to ask relevant questions on what employers look for in your field. Directly ask for advice on how to approach the market. Remember to be courteous just like with an official email.

If you are a media student seeking to look for a job via social media, one way of doing so is through campaigns. Record a short video, post it on social media and tag the company. In your video, state why you would like to work for them, what you can offer and push your friends to vouch for you until you hear back from them. This will give the media house clout as well as you. Be bold and push the envelope so don’t wait for a submissions call. Have the initiative to start your own campaign.

2. Pitching Ideas
One way of getting your foot in the door is by bringing forth your ideas. If you want to work for a certain company, ask yourself what value you might add to their business. Write down a proposal, organize to meet with the marketing manager or whoever is in charge and pitch your idea. If your idea is considered, you will come in under the contract of that project. If your idea fails, make sure you have communicated with the team that you are currently looking for a job. The odds may be in your favor.

3. Seminars, Workshops, and Events
It is important to make time to attend seminars and workshops in an area relevant to you, make sure to always network and ask for opportunities. You can even offer to give the speakers your CV after the event, ask to email it to them or show them your profile and ask whether they might have any openings at their place of work. Events are the best place to network and gain relevant contacts that help with your career goals.

4. Volunteering
One way of securing a job is by offering to come in as a volunteer. The company will not pay you anything but you will gain immeasurable experience, exposure to industry practices and if you do the job well, the company might offer to hire you. Be prepared to work and show a lot of initiative so that you can turn the tide positively to your side.

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