Career Climb: How to beat writer’s block in three easy steps

One of the biggest challenges for any writer is the plateau period of a writer’s block. That is the one time a writer goes blank. See, as much as writing is work, it is also a form of self-expression.

In more ways than one, a writer needs to be at peace with self, for them to create content. It is a space that requires immense clarity and freedom of the mind and spirit for anything to manifest. Hence the passive, unenthusiastic and demotivated state of mind is a sure bet for unproductivity.
So what causes this? Different writers are inspired and motivated differently thus there is no one particular thing that can be pinpointed as a chief cause. Some however that cut across for a majority include fatigue, burn out, stress, fear, and outright laziness.
It is unnatural how something that oozes out of you so effortlessly can become so alien in such a short amount of time. But like anything else, it fades and the yearn to get back on the horse kicks in.
But how when it feels like you are far too gone to get back?

1. Start small
In such a state of mind, writing a long piece can prove to be quite a task that however should not discourage any form of writing. Whether poems or a song or just a note, whatever kicks in work with it. It sometimes may not feel like it’s right, it never does hence the need to keep at it. Love on these pieces and be proud of them. Count them as achievements as they truly are, baby steps.

2. Read
Reading is a source of inspiration. Try reaching out or tapping into what it is that you feel you are drawn to. If for instance, it is a topic on friends, Google blog posts that have these as their subjects, read, read and read some more.
The more the information the more the topic feels familiar and it sort of creates momentum for what it is that you want to write about. It shapes opinions and more so gives insights that can as well be translated into an article. Dele into other/s minds and in there, you will reach out to your own.

3. Find alternatives
Most times the writer’s block comes in because of fatigue. Coming up with ideas and finding the right way to express them is tough. Maybe the problem is the line of subjects you have been writing about.  A great trick would be to try writing on other topics, write movie reviews, a letter, poem anything out of your norm. Explore a different muse. Experiment by pushing yourself out of the ordinary. Breaking the monotony might just be what is needed to get the groove back on.

Always remember your work never needs to be perfect, hence cut yourself some slack.

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