Career Climb: Fundamentals of creating a successful online business in the +254

E-commerce is on the rise in East Africa, and Kenyans are leading the drive to make online businesses more mainstream.

For Kenyans, it is a new day and online businesses have offered Kenya’s youth a means of tapping into the large market to sell their wares. Thanks to improved internet connectivity and smartphone usage, Kenyans are more connected than ever before and it all translates to shillings and cents.

From social media to websites, Kenyans are at the forefront of making the e-commerce space work for them. According to Small Starter, a McKinsey’s Lions go digital report pointed out  “online shopping could account for up to 10% of retails sales (with a value of around US $75 billion) by 2025, as more Africans gain access to the internet.”A booming module for the modern start-up, e-commerce is not without any challenges, here is the story of two business proprietors in Nairobi making it big and raking in the cash.

The Sauce interviewed Aryton Bett from Purpink Gifts and Mohammed Idris from KoolStuff. The duo discussed how they got into the e-commerce space, and how they have survived against online giants such as Jumia and Kilimall.

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