Career Climb: Essential guidelines to writing a post-internship thank you note

As an intern, there are a number of things you could be pondering over as you execute your duties. Key among them is the possibility of getting a permanent job at the company after the end of your internship. The other one could be the fact that you want to do a good job so that you could grow your reputation and network.

So why should one send a post-internship thank you note? A simple response could be: “it’s the little admirable things you do during and after your internship that help you stand out.”
It’s polite. A thank you note shows respect for the tutelage, time spent, resources and concedes that you are among the few lucky ones to get that opportunity. Worst-case-scenario; if other interns send thank you notes, you won’t look silly having missed the boat. And best-case-scenario; where they don’t send any, you’ll stand out in an exceptional way.
Here are some of the guidelines to consider before jotting down that note.

1. Pick an Appropriate Channel
Deciding how the note should be sent is crucial. If you work remotely and want your supervisor to get your thoughts and thanks quickly, shoot them an email. Where you wish to make it more personalized, go for the handwritten card which can be dropped at their desks or handed in, in person.

2. Be Precise
Avoid all that redundant “mambo jumbo” and jump straight to key details. Dive into your experience at the company. What projects were you happy to be part of? What new skills did you acquire? What were your favorite moments? Are you grateful for the opportunity?
It could be something like this: I am thankful for the additional programming knowledge and skills that I’ve acquired from your firm and I look forward to taking every detail I’ve learned with into my job search and applying them to future roles I take on.”

3. Say “Thank You”
This should be the first line of words in the note or the subject line of the email. Career advice from The Muse points out a few ways to say “thank you.” You could kick off with:

“Thank you so much for the internship opportunity you granted me this past [x months/weeks]…”

4. Keep it light-hearted
If you got along smoothly with your supervisor or colleagues, it’s good to add some humor and flair to the note just for extra personalization. For instance, write:

“In addition to being an incredible supervisor, thank you for all the funny WhatsApp GIFs and screenshots you sent my way. They really made my day(s).”

5. Express Your Need To Stay In Touch
In the email body or under the signature line, provide them with your personal contact, social media address (if possible). Use this space to also express your interest in working full-time with the company but don’t make it explicit by asking for a job directly.


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