Career Climb: 6 tips that could change your attitude towards your job search

It might surprise you how job searching can be an enlightening experience; one gets to learn a lot about themselves.

The job search process can be a pain regardless of whether you are 18 or 45. The job search process is even more difficult with an unemployment rate of 39% in Kenya according to the United Nations Human Development Index 2017. However, not all is lost. It might surprise you how job searching can be an enlightening experience; one gets to learn a lot about themselves. In the process of getting into employment, I learned that indeed I have skills in public speaking, problem-solving and of course my heart toughened up.

For job-seekers fresh out of campus, the search for employment can be a daunting experience. Here are a few pointers that could help you make the most of the process:

1. It starts with you.

Your thoughts, your belief, your feelings have to be positive and in sync. What you are seeking needs to be what you crave and love earnestly and of course good at. Let not where you come from, where you studied nor the grade you got limit your mind. It’s all about what is in your head and heart.

2. Your Resume(CV) needs to be crisp clean and in top shape.

Let it speak for and about you; who you are and what you are capable of in terms of skills, work experience, hobbies, and professional traits. The cover letter is important too, keep it brief and smart. Remember to also have the required and relevant certificates ready.

3. Make strategic connections.

Get strategically connected be it knowing people or be it having a good online presence. If you get to hear of seminars, symposiums, talks professional events make your way there and learn one or two things. As for online platforms, there are numerous out there, but I highly recommend Fuzu. You will not be disappointed. Sign up today and get to learn, grow and be found!

4. Do not be too picky.

The moment an opportunity pops up, go for it. Take every opportunity as an opportunity to grow, humble beginnings make best of testimonies. So, take up the challenge, do your very best and of course have fun while at it.

5. Read, read, read.

Knowledge is power. Keep up with what’s happening in the world and in particular your field of expertise, this will definitely come in handy when job hunting.

6. Work on your presentation.

Presentation in terms of how you carry and present yourself is a major deciding factor. Invest I yourself, and your outlook, keep in mind first impressions count. In terms of interviews, get there 20 mins earlier with all the relevant documents and of course a little bit of knowledge about the company you are interviewing for.


This article was originally published on Fuzu.

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