Career Climb: 4 Golden rules for attending office Christmas parties

As we near the end of the year, office parties are always a must for any organization and they provide a perfect opportunity for co-workers to mingle and possibly share different thoughts about the work environment. As exciting as it may sound, some people end up crossing the line during such joyous and ultimately ruining the celebrations.

However, don’t let those small altercations keep you from having fun, considering the hard work you’ve put in throughout the year.  The following small mistakes if avoided will guarantee you a festive day:

1. Dress for the occasion

Office parties are public events and therefore, your dress code must match that of the company. Some colleagues will intentionally show up in their newly purchased clothing in a bid to show off. Sticking to formal attire won’t hurt. If it is a themed party, try your best to fit into the suggested theme.

2.Mind your language

Office parties provide a space for conversing on matters that don’t necessarily involve the job. A combination of alcohol and great conversations sometimes take a wrong turn and employees run into arguments. Don’t let liquor ruin your relationship with your colleagues as memories of such bad occurrences may spoil office interactions. Always be mindful of what you say, and how you say it.

3. Better late than never

Company parties are a must-attend for employees and a very satisfactory reason must be handed into the Human Resource department for failure of attendance. A 5 to 10 minutes understandable lateness gap is acceptable but showing up after one or two hours may not give off a great impression.

4. Enjoy yourself

You have had a long year of work, so take this time to enjoy the company of your workmates in a relaxed atmosphere. Have a drink or two, speak to someone from a different department and do your best to be friendly to all. Immerse yourself in the organization and engage a few key people in conversation. An engaging yet casual conversation with the key decision makers could do loads for you in the company.


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