Cardi B’s Pepsi Superbowl ad is more than just “OKRR”

Cardi B stays winning.

The “Money” rapper is making big moves with global beverage giant Pepsi. Making an appearance on the Superbowl advertisment, Cardi B, Steve Carell and Lil Jon breathe fresh line into a brand that has suffered after a string of misfires in branding. The trio made an entertaining advert that was culturally relevant and quite funny.

The previous Superbowl advertisment released in 2018 featuring Kendall Jenner, stirred up lots of controversy over its concept that placed Pepsi as the solution to the world’s problems during the height of the #BlackLivesMatter demostratiosn. After lots of backlash, the brand’s image suffered loosing relevance with diverse communities in America.

Meanwhile Cardi took to Instagram to thank her fans over recent Billboard success. She captioned the post,” Thanks for listening and your support .Thanks for your request and thank you Djs ! Love BARDI ” The Bronx rapper has 5 tracks on the BillBoard 100, with her most recent City Girls collaboration “Twerk” debuting at Number 29 on the chart.


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