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Camp Mulla’s Taio speaks on life in and out of USIU

Camp Mulla is a name that resonates with freshness, swag and creativity. Having won multiple awards locally and being nominated for International awards, it is certainly a force to reckon with. At a relatively young age, the four-member group has etched its name into the hearts of thousands of their adoring fans. The four, barely out of their teens, are definitely carving out a niche for themselves in the music industry.


We get an insight into Mathew Wakhungu aka Taio Tripper’s life in and out of the USIU campus, aspirations and inspiration.


What course are you pursuing?

Bachelors of Arts in Journalism


How does the course gel with your music?

I’m involved in the media, and Journalism lays emphasis on the communication part. As a rapper and an MC I believe that it will help me communicate better through my words. Studying journalism also gives me an opportunity to think critically of the media and gives me ideas and better insight on more ways to take advantage of communication.


How are you able to juggle school life and music?

I come from an African family, African father and mother, so you really don’t have much of a choice but study. The important thing is to find something you like doing in school, which for me is somehow related to what I’m doing outside school and makes the 2 sync. It makes what you do add value to what you already know you are going to become.


How would you describe your University experience in USIU so far?

I think it’s a very good experience and I don’t think I could have asked for more. It’s good value for money…an experience which dispels the stereotypes about the school. You need to come here and be part of the system to know what it is really like. There are so many people from diverse backgrounds and cultures which makes the school interesting.


You started your career while still in high school. How different is it now that you are in University?

In high school you are told what to do and freedom is limited. In university freedom to make decisions is greater. I’m now able to plan my life and I can now steer my life in my own way.



Given the tight schedule of Universities, how are you able to plan and attend shows and events?

As a freshman in my first semester, I’m finding it a little difficult. Our work comes on call and we don’t really have a timetable. In spite of that, I can’t let the group down and there are days I have to skip a class to attend to group engagements because no one else can do that for me. I hope to be able to plan better next semester so that I’m able to kill more birds with one stone.


When not churning Lyrics or busy studying, what are you usually up to?

I do a lot of cycling around my hood in Kileleshwa. I try to get into a different environment and look at life from a different angle. I travel to Naivasha, Longonot just to get into a different locale so that I can get more stories and content so that I can get more inspiration. I try to put myself in a position of inspiration and creativity.


You have mentioned the word ‘Inspiration’. What fuels your inspiration?

My inspiration is fueled by the youth and my peers. Anybody with dreams, different ideas and is willing to take the leap of faith greatly inspires me.


Your latest song S.O.S has brewed quite a storm, your take on that?

There are certain things you can’t run away or hide from. As we were releasing the song we knew the impact it would have but this is a reality in modern day Kenya, particularly in Nairobi. S.O.S is nothing more than us having a good time and doing our thing as adults. If more people had cameras and the kind of reach we have you would be shocked at the kind of material people would release.


What do you do that could be termed ‘peculiar’?

I write on my walls and my ceiling. I write my dreams, plans and ambitions. If you walked into my room you would be forgiven to think that you have walked into a ‘mad mans’ room.

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