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Budding entrepreneur Stephen Nderitu gives insights on his training in Accra

Stephen Nderitu is a finalist student at the University of Nairobi and currently an entrepreneur in Training at Meltwater Entrepreneurial School Of Technology in Accra, Ghana. Nderitu spoke  about his passion for technology, and how he hopes his training at MeltWater School of Entrepreneurship Africa will propel him to fulfill his dreams.

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Stephen Nderitu, a finalist student at the University of Nairobi.  I am currently based in Accra, pursuing my dreams and building my skill-set in software – entrepreneurship mainly focusing on data science, analytics, communication, and business development. As an entrepreneur, I was privileged to co-found and lead mvinyo.com, and I’m now leading my current startup Legit Music World. What this means to me as a pan-African business leader is that I wake up every day to build solutions that effectively connect communities, improve efficiency, create opportunities and stretch beyond geographical borders.

Tell us about your journey at Lapid?

My journey at Lapid is one that I will always recall with a smile. I remember I was traveling back to Nairobi from Mombasa with my friend Dj Amm, after a concert. Amm initiated a conversation on the importance of personal branding.

For me this was new, and I so was awed by everything he said right after. I was wowed with the kind of knowledge and insights he had acquired in just two weeks, at this new thing called ‘Lapid’. 15 mins into the conversation, I had made up my mind to give Lapid a try.
Lapid was not just what I expected, it was a lot more. Everything for me was experiential, from the hands-on curriculum, person-centered approach to learning, working with highly creative and competent entrepreneurs in training, made me discover so much about entrepreneurship, self-awareness, finding my purpose and positioning myself for opportunities of continuous learning.

I made long-lasting friendships and built brotherhoods, met world-class mentors and industrial experts who I highly value to date. It was more than I could ask for. Lapid gave me this and more. It gave me head start as a business leader to strategically align myself and always stay ahead of the curve.

What tools acquired in Lapid are you currently using?

Right from the day I walked in, I knew there was a lot to learn. From the general interaction and chats, the classroom instructors and the mentors I constantly engaged with.

Before Lapid, I had so little consciousness of myself. It was after the second module, I realized I was lost in a world, directing my energies and focus towards proving to others, not myself. I can say that Lapid gave me a sense of direction in that, I am now more consciously aware of my own character, feelings and how to productively engage with myself and others around me.
Lapid also gave me a headstart in business skills. From the practical course module, industry experts and mentors. I was exposed to the real world of business, from business ideation, market research, Co-founders team formation etc. With these skills, I was able to position myself in entrepreneurship in my startup development of mvinyo.com and Legit Music.

All the skills I have learned after having just been on building on top of the skills gained from Lapid.

How has the community of Lapids impacted you?

Lapid is that place I first I encountered the joy that comes in belonging. It gave me more than a community, it gave me a family and a friend. I count myself lucky to belong to this fraternity of like-minded individuals. I have confidence, assurance in a tribe I can rely on, fellow colleagues, that are genuinely jovial and spirited, to instructors that are always working hard to creatively deliver content, as well as world-class industry experts and mentors that I am assured are either a call or an email away, ready to offer their best guidance.

This community challenged me to excel, to grow and become my very best. This bond is real. The trust, energy, and the zeal that makes me smile in confidence of being a Lapid’er.

How has Lapid exposed you and contributed to you being a Pan-African Leader?
I had never developed a deep burden for Africa. Lapid gave me the opportunity to travel and meet different people from different cultures, nationalities, beliefs, and walks of life. As a business leader, this gave me a chance to experience life from a different angle.

It helped me to build solutions that can be of value in my town, country to Africa and beyond. I developed a deep interest in Pan-African leadership and its vital role in building solutions and solving global challenges.

It challenged me to pursue opportunities, to travel, to network, to collaborate and build values-driven solutions that stretched beyond my country.

Currently, as I stand its evident that Africa needs me more. It needs more pan-African, like-minded individuals who are creative enough, innovative enough and audacious enough to liberate their continent. From art to education, from religion to fashion, from business to politics.


Lapid Leaders Africa has entered into a partnership with MEST that will allow many more Lapid’ers to take part in their fellowship program. To be part of this community of young leaders that are becoming the best version of self, visit this link to learn more.

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