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Body goals 2020: The five things to look for in a gym

A swimming pool, snack bar, massages and sauna seem really, really great and a lovely treat if you have some extra time on your hands after your workout.

Clever setups and all these attractive on-site amenities and the promise to transform you into ‘Kim Kardashian’ or ‘Dwayne Johnson’ in whatever number of days, can leave you more confused, but its times like these when you need to take a step back and really think of what you want out of your gym membership.

A gym should be a place where you should feel comfortable to go to on a daily basis and just as you take care in choosing a school, or any big financial decision, doing so when you choose a gym can ensure that you’ll actually go to the fitness studio, be happy and not waste your money.

Whether it’s your first gym membership or you’re switching gyms because your membership is up, here are few basic things to consider before you take the plunge and sign a gym contract.

1. Location, Location, location

It’s going to be essential that the location of your gym is convenient so that you can actually go. A gym can have every bell and whistle in the world, but if you have to think about traffic and potential obstacles to get there, then you are going to fall off the bandwagon before you know it. Make sure the gym can feasibly fit into your daily schedule by keeping it close to your job(if you like to work out at lunch or right after work) or home( if you’re a weekend warrior or like evening workouts).

2. Cleanliness

Gyms if not cleaned properly can be a cesspool of germs and bacteria. You don’t want to be working out on a piece of equipment that is dripping with someone else sweat. Make sure to have a look around the gym changing room and toilets to ensure they are up to your health standards.

3. Membership Costs and Cancellations

Gym memberships can vary in cost, but it doesn’t mean you have to pay insane memberships fees to stay fit. Also consider how long you’re signing the contract, if the option is a no cancellation 12-month contract, it might be a good idea to shop around before making that final commitment. After all, a lot can happen in a year and if you aren’t sure that you want to commit to a long term arrangement, you’re better off finding something that is more short term.

4. Gym Equipment

While one could indeed work out with just their body weight, looking at the type and variety of the equipment offered in the gym is another thing you should factor in. Know your fitness goals, and access if there are ample machines available. It can be frustrating when you get to the gym after work, to find out that there is not a single machine insight available for you to use.

5. Personal Trainers

The right trainer or instructor on hand is critical to help you realize your full potential and most importantly they help you avoid injuries. Most trainers not only keep you motivated, but they also help you design your own workout program and provide you with a fitness card to keep track of your own workouts; just in case down the road you start plateauing and in need of a “check-up” so to speak in your current regime.

In the end, we hope that you’ll look over and enquire about all the things on this list, to help you zero down on the gym of your dreams and one that you’ll enjoy visiting on regular basis.

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