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Blog: My girlfriend arrested in prostitution racket

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John switched on the TV and what he saw struck him like a precise lethal flash of lightning. He couldn’t believe what was unraveling before his eyes. Chloe, his new girlfriend was being handcuffed by a policeman alongside a group of other girls. At the base of the screen, a headline waved along, ‘Campus girls busted in pornography ring’. He looked again. On the screen, Chloe was staring down in an effort to avoid the cameras, but her purple lips were distinct.


John had kissed them that morning and many other times. There was no way he could fail to recognize them. The drama was only just beginning to unfold.
John moved closer to the TV screen, still in disbelief. More shock conquered him when he saw Stella among the girls. He had initially fallen for Stella but she didn’t want him. She felt he was a broke guy who was way below her standards. Stella had made him go crazy. Despite her persistent rejection of her advances, he had kept on pursuing, hoping that one day he would seduce her.
John was eager to find a good lady to settle down with. He was nearly through with campus. His ultimate plan was to graduate with a girlfriend that would later become his wife. He was a good guy with good grades all through the years but romance-wise, his life was more of an extended train crash with copious victims and collateral damage.

He always fell for the wrong girls and with Stella; he had repeated his previous mistakes.
Love is blind, and in his blind dash to the Stella finish line, he went ahead to break the number one rule of seduction- Choose the right victim: “Everything depends on the target of your seduction. Study your prey thoroughly, and choose only those who will prove susceptible to your charms.”

Anyway, one evening, after having an incontrollable surge of feelings, he decided to buy some flowers and go to Stella’s room. His plan was to knock and as soon as she would open, he would go on his knees and tell her how much he loved her. Once again, love is blind and once you are blind, you might not see what you touch. Upon reaching Stella’s room, he decided to open the door himself and kneel down.

He had met Stella’s friend along the way who told him that Stella was in the room. After opening, he found Stella naked with Douglas having sex. The flowers dropped from his hands and in the process, tears flowed freely down his cheeks.
Douglas was a player- a complete dog. John had hated him ever since he took away his first campus crush back in first year. A girl named Victoria. Now he had done it again. The incident had given him too much stress that nearly spiraled into depression. Ever since that evening, he had decided see a therapist every week. Stella’s roommate Chloe had shown much interest in him during those tough times and they soon found themselves in a relationship.

John continued to stare at the TV screen like a statue. He felt cursed and wondered when he would ever be happy in life. Chloe had told him she was a virgin and that she wasn’t ready to have sex yet. He really wanted things to work with her. He assured her that he wouldn’t mind waiting until she was ready. He now realized he was chasing ghosts. The girl was a disgusting professional. As for Stella, he had no words. He just wondered how the two had gotten into the same pool of poop together.
Phone calls started coming in, most from his friends who knew about his relationship with Chloe. They had probably seen the news. He ignored them all. A phone call from a strange number came through. John was afraid to pick it. He thought maybe it was the police, who wanted to question him regarding the incident. After contemplating for a few seconds, he picked it up and a man with an American accent spoke,
“Hello John, my name is Professor Jack Wheeler. This is regarding your application for the Harvard University Scholarship Program. We have analyzed your academic performance and man you are a fantastic scholar. I am glad to inform you that you have been offered a scholarship to pursue a Master’s Degree at our university once you graduate from your local university. Kindly check your email and postal addresses for more details. Congratulations.”
Every dog has its day and in a stagnant lake, every log has its way.

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