Beauty Buff: 3 simple beauty trends worth trying in 2019

The first month of the year may be coming to an end, but there are some beauty tricks that will be timeless.

Whether you enjoy a good facebeat, or are more of a natural fresh-faced girl, it is a essential to know how to intergrate the latest trends to create the perfect look. Here are 3 beauty trends that we think are an easy way into the confusing world of beauty.

1.Wine-coloured Lipstick

A little tint of ruby red has been a stapple for many women, so why not take it up a notch with a berry color? Beauty is different for every woman and based on your skintone and preferences you could go as dark as a black-currant or a play it safe with a lighter purple hue. Whether you prefer a little shine or a matte finish, the trend reports indicate a cream finish is a great way to keep your lips moisturized and supple. Say goodbye to matte, chapped lips.

2.Dark Eyeshadow

The darker the better. Dark eyeshadow palattes are all the rage for this reason and whether you have a lot of spending money or are hoping to limit your spending, a dramatic eye is essential for a night out on the town. Cosmetics companies such as Maybelline and the Kenyan brand Joanna K. Cosmetics have a variety of palettes that could help you achieve a variety of looks, easy peasy.

3.Thick Eyeliner

It might look like a gothic look but it seems that the runways are excited bold eyelooks. The thicker the eyeliner the better the look. Try it out in afew variations on your eyelids or on your lower lashline. Plump up your lashes with abit of mascara to bring the look together and you should be ready for an epic night. But practice caution when choosing when and where to wear this look.


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