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Assessing men’s fascination with women’s butts

DISCLAIMER: The content in this article may be of a wild and hard-hitting nature. Kindly switch off the serious part of your mind and be tolerant to all forms of craziness. Furthermore, the message is purely the writer’s view and not in any way the view of the Capital Group, Capital FM or Capital Campus.


I dedicated a huge part of my naughty teenage life into studying romance, unlike my peers who dedicated the same time into studying pornography. There is a unique form of excitement a lady gets when she suddenly gets carried by a man. She smiles like a baby with all her teeth out. The element of surprise and affection overwhelms her. Try this.  If you are a gentleman, go to that lady that has captured your heart but you’ve got no clue on how to take the relationship to the next level. Make sure she’s in a good mood then give her a sudden ‘grab n lift.’ She’ll fantasize about you the rest of the day. She’ll begin thinking about you in an entirely different scope. That’s of course assuming you can lift her up.

Ass is a potent temptation to the male species. Men love both ladies with big ass and ladies with small bottoms. Our preferences depend on either the context we are immersed into or just personal choice. We are aware of the structural differences but uncertain about the behavioral differences. Here’s the real difference between ladies with big ass and ladies with small ass.


A lady with a big ass is hardly portable. There’s no appropriate angle to make a tight grip. There is also a chance she might slip and fall because of texture issues. Both of you might also fall. How will you explain that? If she falls, two things might happen. Her ass might be artificial and thus get dislocated. Another scenario is that there might be no ass at all. She just might have fixed a plastic ass on her behind- horror story. With a big ass lady, there’s no room for sexual arts in the bedroom.  Flexibility is limited but there are much more fruits to enjoy.

Ladies with small ass are very portable.  This is the reason men call them laptops and tablets.  These ladies also have a longer battery life in the bedroom. They keep going and going. They provide the ultimate challenge to a man. There is no danger of them tumbling to the floor.  If your goal is to be a bedroom champion, you ought to start with these kinds of ladies.


I know what you are thinking. Kindly take time to get away from that thought because this is totally different. Ladies with big ass have an aura of self-superiority hence they just don’t get seduced easily. They see their ass as a queen’s crown. Most of them play hard to get. Gaining access (to their heart) is because of the enticing curves, many detours and narrow passages but once you are in, you never want to get out. You relish the moment. Trust me; I’m not writing in parables here. Or maybe I am.

Ladies with small ass are more social and graceful. I prefer calling them ‘social data bundles’ because they love chatting. You can tweet, inbox or Whatsapp them any time and they’ll reply. The gauzy fabric of their pencils also doesn’t get stuck on their fine skin, hence there’s zero time wasting.  Accessibility isn’t hard because you won’t have to climb mountains to reach Rome.


Ladies with big ass find it hard getting true love. Most of us men only see sex when we look at them. They are the ultimate fantasy figures for us. These ladies are frequently targeted by the ruthless Team Mafisi (Read: Characteristics of Team Mafisi) predators that are mostly credited with false allure and subsequent heartbreaks. They are always on the prowl anywhere and anytime, from Facebook to class. They also don’t understand chivalry- the kind of guys who chase a lady away at 6 in the morning after a chips funga night.

Ladies with small ass don’t get true love easily either. They get cheated on by boyfriends who are in a hunt for more flesh. Most of them also don’t like relationships. They prefer rolling around, clubbing and dirty dancing. It’s now evident that chics with small ass are the ones who twerk the most. They do this with a mission of making their behinds look bigger and sexier than they actually are.

Beauty and approach

There’s one big problem with bumpy ladies, they usually have small breasts. When you approach these ladies from the front, you won’t fall in love with them the same way you could have if you had approached from behind.  These ladies always add various decorations to their bodies to match the heights set by the ass, take Vera Sidika’s half a million shilling weave for example.

Most ladies with small ass have the perfect swell of lovely breasts you could ever see. Their only problem is the inappropriate allocation of resources. The front side might be perfect but the back side may be too flat. However, these ladies always have superb facial beauty that leaves you dumbfound.

At the end of the day, both categories are awesome; it just depends on personal choice or context, or even continent.



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