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Artist Crowdfund Exchange changing the landscape for upcoming talent with IG Competition

Artist Crowdfund Exchange is changing the game for upcoming acts in Kenya.

ACE is a virtual platform using advanced technologies that enables investors to provide emerging talent with the financial resources they need to reach commercial success. 

In reality, ACE evens the playing field for rising talent, allowing the community to support their rise via direct investment.  The platform allows anyone, anywhere to securely invest in to emerging talent in a intuitive, streamlined process.

A “real fanvestor” is a fan who’s upped their game and committed to investing in promising talent on the Artist Crowdfund Exchange, “ACE”.Fans can invest in musicians, gamers (eSports), athletes, fashion models, social media and other influencers, and actors or comedians on ACE.

How and why was the quarantine cash competition born

COVID-19 has been detrimental to the entertainment industry, and ACE is uniquely positioned to lean forward and help pre-launch various acts.  Right now musicians can’t tour, athletes can’t compete, and the face-to-face so many entertainers rely upon stopped abruptly. 

Our team, along with many prominent entertainers in Kenya, stepped up to support creatives during this difficult time by starting the contest, all with no outside financial support.  This ‘call to action’ is also why we started the MindsetMonday IGTV series, where investors and rising creatives can learn best-practices in easy-to-understand 3-minute videos.

Ironically, the Coronavirus crisis began just as ACE entered its final stretch of going to market. The quarantine magnified the already huge need to support emerging talent, and so the Quarantine Cash Competition was born.

Kenya For Creatives

Although the ACE is a platform for investors and creatives all around the world, the team has a special history and bond with Kenya. But we all strongly agree that Kenya’s creative community is uniquely one of the most talented and vibrant in the world. 

And now the efforts have crossed borders, with an upcoming Kenya verus Tanzania commission.

ACE has been hosting Live Quarantine Cash Contents in Kenya for 3 weeks now at @realfanvestor on Instagram; where creatives have competed Live for cash prizes, with a panel of amazing, talented celebrity judges. 

So far we’ve seen some awesome local talent show their skills on-demand eager to show and prove their capabilities. But now we feel it’s time we expand the Quarantine Cash Content outside Kenya and open it up to other markets, with the first being a head-to-head competition between top musical talent from Kenya and Tanzania.  

Nothing like friendly competition between neighbors!

Not only are the prizes much, much higher than the previous competitions, but the reputation of each nation’s creative community is at stake!  We expect each country’s top talent to represent their community, country, and fans to the fullest.  We posted about it just a day or so ago…the feedback has been huge.

The Kenya v Tanzania Quarantine Cash Content is scheduled for Saturday, 6th June at 9pm EAT.  Full details can be found on IG at @realfanvestor.  Make sure to follow to stay up to date on details, prize amounts, pre-contest giveaways, and the celebrity judges!

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