Alumni sues university for not doing enough to stop his suicide attempts

A former student is suing his university and its counselor for $12 million each because he believes they didn’t do enough to stop his suicide attempts.

The Roanoke Times reports that a lawsuit filed this week by Kionte Burnette accuses Washington and Lee University, and counselor Rallie Snowden, of negligence.

It says that after Kionte told Snowden he planned to jump off a bridge, the counselor told him to attend his classes and football practice and then spend the night at the campus health center.

Rallie followed up several times that day by text and phone, making Burnette promise not to hurt himself. He did so anyway and attempted suicide twice.

The lawsuit says: “The care and treatment which Snowden provided to Burnette deviated from the applicable standard of care and treatment.”

The lawsuit says he should have been escorted to an emergency room for a psychiatric evaluation.

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