Alaine links up with gospel turned secular act Willy Paul for a new release ‘Shado Mado’

Willy Paul and Alaine trolled Kenyans with their online saga, only to release  ‘Shado Mado’ afew hours later.

The duo of Kenya’s superstar Willy Paul and Jamaican songstress Alaine have just released a new track ‘Shado Mado.’ With no true meaning to the phrase ‘Shado Mado’ on their almost 4-minute track, the aim of the release is to uplift and encourage the youth. The track is in line with their interview on Jamaica’s Onstage TV earlier this year, as reported by The Sauce. The duo sing of God’s goodness and praise Him for the blessings they enjoy in this life.

With great chemistry, coupled with well-orchestrated production, the track is definitely a good listen, with an easy, memorable catchphrase that will have fans singing ‘shado mado’. Alaine outdoes herself, and the recent collaboration confirms Willy Paul as a  “top Kenya artiste doing gospel.”

Some fans have commented on the new release with one named Mike pointing out, ” Kama willy Paul ametuchanganya kushinda quadratic equations kwa hii Gospel industry …jikune na ushadomadoo” Another commented on the dramatic exchange on social media saying, “Hizi ghasia zilikuwa zinapromote wimbo😶😶I feel used”

The twosome had  a so-called public fall out as Willy Pozzee went to social media to reach out to his ‘I Do’ co-collaborator. And the public antics did not sit well with most Kenyans online as reported on The Sauce, as Paul came across as desperate for a relationship that was non-existent. According to his post on Instagram, the ‘Hallelujah’ crooner is disappointed with the state of their friendship. He wrote, “Alaine, we were so good together dear, to be honest meeting you was the best thing ever coz it was like a dream come true.. when u see a man admitting to such, that’ means something big.” He goes on to point out that the dynamics of their relationship have changed, and it is distressing to him. He wrote, “you use to like my pics and comment on them.. nowadays I call you and you don’t pick.. you don’t even reply to my messages.. tell me to have I wronged you in any way? No, I don’t think so, as I said, I had so much hope in this.. you came to Kenya the other day n didn’t bother looking for me, I was forced to look for you.. what happened after that?? You blocked me…But I’m glad you like one of my posts the other day.. maybe that’s a sign.”

Alaine addressed the matter with a simple post on Instagram:

According to The Sauce,  Alaine took to Instagram in responce to Willy Paul(11.07.19).  The ‘Sacrifice’ singer told the ‘Digiri’ singer who seems to be wanting something more than friendship with Alaine that everything will be alright and that it was all about the music and God. It is clear now that she was referring to this new release.

Do you like the track ‘Shado Mado’?

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