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7 deadly sins women make in relationships


Women have many attributes including selfless, loving, kind and even caring. But despite all these traits, women do still find a way of messing up relationships with their overactive imaginations and constant need for reassurance.  However, this is not to say men are infallible because they do contribute to failed relationships. It is apparent as women; there is a need to review the mistakes women make to correct our misgivings. Here are some personas women take on:

1. The Receiver

Everyone likes compliments, being showered with gifts, praise and adoration. But it is vital to reciprocate it. Being in a relationship means that you meet each other’s needs. As a woman, do not be afraid to pick the costs occasionally, just as long as it is not a regular occurrence. Catering to your man boosts his mood and self confidence. Make sure he knows how much you really value him.

2. The Green-eyed monster

Jealousy is something that women are very familiar with. Being possessive of your significant other is a turn off especially if it borders on paranoia. Ladies, you need to know that your man’s life does not revolve around you. Therefore, do not get jealous if he has a life apart from you. Men need their space, time to chill with the boys and recharge before they can give more of themselves to you. Give him his space. If you suffocate him, monitor all conversations he has with other women and track his whereabouts it is a sure way to terminate the relationship. Trust allows a relationship to flourish instead of stifling it with jealousy.

3. The Over analyzer

Often, taking things too seriously can make a woman miss out and it does more harm than good. Analyzing every statement uttered by the guy almost makes it seem as though he is on trial. In addition to this, women are fond of creating scenarios that in reality do not even exist. If he does not call in the evening when out with his boys doesn’t mean he is out with another woman. Sometimes, it is better to take a step back and appreciate things for what they are. Pipe down on the overactive imagination and quit making mountains out of mole hills.

4. The List maker

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Educated, independent women who know what they want have their love life suffer greatly because of the lists they create.  The list contains the criteria by which they judge who is worth dating. This list can sometimes be compromised and reviewed, but later in the relationship, women try and turn the man to become the man on the list. This is not a good dating practice. Changing a man to make him fit into your “ideal man package” is wrong. Instead it is better to live in the reality that life has dealt you. Appreciate the man for his faults as well as the attributes that you first found attractive.

5. The Drama Queen

This is the woman who commands attention at all times. Constantly nagging, issuing demands and ultimatums may just cost you a good man. The drama queen may play the drum, but find no one to dance to her beat, eventually ending up sad and alone. It would be much wiser to freely and truthfully communicate with your partner, bearing in mind the appropriate time and place to avoid causing a scene. A lady should know when to bite her tongue and when to speak up.

6. The Passive aggressor

Women often expect men to know what they are thinking without actually telling them. Moreover, saying “I am fine” when something is clearly disturbing you and expecting your man to keep following up with you is equivalent to torture. Men are simple beings; they see things in 2D while women see things in 3D. So stop playing games and be honest, after all it is the best policy.

7. The “ I am never wrong”

In a relationship, things often go wrong and the blame for the most part should fall on the two individuals in the relationship. Therefore, when one incessantly points the finger at the other it may not be fair. It is good to admit you had a hand in the mess that your relationship has become. In fact, it shows that you are humble and honest which is admirable. Just ensure that you can appreciate the difference between a man’s bad behavior and the man, condemn bad behavior not the person. Remember, the relationship should be well balanced and both parties should be sincere.

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