60 hour campus film challenge launched

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The Challenge takes place at the end of the Campus Film Symposium which was launched at the United States International University (USIU), Monday, bringing together over 10 media training institutions and students for a five-day training session that aims to raise the bar of local content in Kenya and progression for media and film students.

The successfully completed and submitted shots are thereafter presented at the Campus Film Premiere. The last Symposium hosted an Average of 180 students daily and 4 visiting Campuses.

The 60 hour Campus Film Challenge has media training campuses and students come together to script,  capture, edit and submit short features within 60hrs. The Symposium will equip students of film and media from multiple campuses to share their finished work, mutually critic and also incorporate industry icons who share on the experiences provoking discussion and creating linkages.

The Symposium’s main objective is to inspire the next generation of film makers and incorporates 3 main events which are the Symposium, a 60 Hour Campus Film Challenge and Premiere Event for a corporate and media audience to showcase best student features developed during the 5 day period.

“The Campus Film Symposium serves to establish a film culture in Kenyan Universities and Institutions by fostering a tangible passion for local content through a program that is well managed. We intend to transform local content by instiling traits of excellence in budding filmmakers,” said Film Kenya Founder and the Symposium’s Lead Eddie Irura.

Film is a heavy investment and a very collaborative field, it’s a community building enterprise and one that can transform society if well nurtured and supported to grow.

“The Symposium also offers a captivating way for the sights and sounds of Kenya to be captured and presented to a global audience through working with film students”, he added.

The programme is organized by Film Kenya magazine which presents Kenyan Features to a Global Audience. Student filmmakers comprise one of our major focus areas.

Film class

The Symposium will expose film and media students to international best practice and trends, enable networking, benchmarking and career development through panel-led sessions, presentations, screenings of student productions, industry features and the incorporation of industry bigwigs and experts as trainers.

To cap the Symposium, there will be a Premiere red carpet event that primes student filmmakers for the competitive and alluring environment that successful filmmakers experience. The premiere is a progression of the Symposium where the best student features as voted by students during the 5 day Symposium are presented to a corporate, media and public audience for their appreciation

The Premiere is growing into an avid launch pad for broadly minded student teams and student productions which have gone on to win at Festivals around the world and have received successful distribution deals locally with major networks.

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