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5 telltale signs of an impending breakup

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Relationships are awesome. You become engulfed in the love and company of another person, you are genuinely happy and satisfied. But as with all good things, they eventually come to an end. Break ups are dreadful, especially those that come as a shocker. You are left pondering why in heaven’s name he/she left you? But you were so happy together? So many questions to ask, no one to answer.

Well, perhaps you could save yourself the tears, heartache and drama of being left hanging due to sudden breakups by being psychology prepared. Love is truly blind, especially when it is about to end. Here are a few pointers on how to identify if your relationship is headed for the rocks. Better jump out of a sinking ship than to drown in the sea of misery.

1. Fewer Calls, Texts, Chats
This ought to be the first pointer for a relationship that’s heading downhill. Especially if you were one of those couples that used to text and call each other frequently. Once the texts and calls become less frequent and more of a one-sided affair; know it’s time to take a walk. Chances are the other party is bored and wants a break. You don’t need to be a master of social sciences to identify when the enthusiasm you show for the other person is not being reciprocated.

2. The cold shoulder
If your partner suddenly gives you the cold shoulder, and seemingly for no apparent reason, he/she is most probably looking for a reason to break up. See, unless they are battling with a bipolar or drug condition, going quiet on a person that is close with you is often a sign that you want to cut ties and you’re merely looking for a good reason to do so. Try finding out if there is a reason he/she suddenly went MIA, if there’s none, then you my friend should patiently wait for the “we need to talk” text.

3. Body Language
He/she used to hold on tightly while you hugged, your hand-holding sessions used to linger, you could spend the entire day staring into each other’s eyes. Now, they hug you like you’d give them the Ebola virus, they can no longer look you in the eye. Your conversations seem forced, more like an interview. A person’s body language never lies. Look out for such signs and save yourself.

4. Playing the Victim
When a person wants to break up, they’ll always look for a way to shift the blame to the other person so as to save themselves from the guilt that comes afterwards. And what better way to do this than to provoke the other person into doing something that will give you sufficient reason to break up with them. It’s like baiting a fish. Some of the pettiest disagreements explode into huge fights that will eventually lead to the “I can’t take this anymore” statement.

5. Friends Withdraw
His/her close friends act weird of late, they no longer seem to see you the same way they did. They no longer laugh at your jokes as loudly, neither do you feel welcome in their presence. See, once a relationship is on its deathbed, close friends are usually the first ones to be informed. And once they are aware that you shall be dumped, they will evade you like plague.

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