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5 Social Media Habits That Could Cost You A Job Opportunity

Social media is slowly becoming a vital tool for communication today. According to estimates, social media currently has about 1.6 Billion users. This number is expected to rise to about 2.5 Billion by the end of 2017. With this in mind, organizations, corporates, governments, businesses, religious institutions and academic institutions are more likely to use social media to present yourself to the world. This means the world will be watching your every move on social media: your status updates, pictures photos, and videos. Here are reasons why you may not be presenting your best self for job recruiters online:

1. Using Childhood Nicknames
Most social media platforms give us the option of using names and pictures that may not necessarily be related to our known identity. As much as this is “cool” and “mysterious” it also leaves question marks about your credibility. You could easily be pre-judged or misinterpreted. Nicknames should be avoided by all means. In fact, social media experts claim that you make your brand stronger by simply using the same name on all your social media platforms. It creates uniformity, strengthens and expands your exposure.

2. Inappropriate Posts
It is African nature to have undying love and respect for our mothers. We often look up to them as moral role models. However, in the digital world we live in today, most young people I know resent seeing their parents use social media effectively. What are we hiding? The motto is quite simple, if you would not want your mother to see what you are doing on social media, then you know your content is not appropriate. Before each post, photo or video goes to the internet, ask yourself one question, “would I let my mother see this?”

3. Publicizing Your Dirty Laundry
Do not post your personal problems and struggles on social media. If you are having problems with your girlfriend, it is always safe to sort it out privately. Posting your problems is often viewed as careless and dramatic. Your future employer would instantly assume you will also post sensitive work-related issues in the same way. However, if you are in the process of shooting your own reality show, you have my full support!

4. Cursing Online
Many young people use words that are inappropriate to add ‘swag’ to their messages and stories. These posts and comments not only reduce your ‘swag’, they also make you look uncultured and undisciplined. If the need to curse is unbearable, you can always make time and plan to hike the famous Ngong Hills to curse out all your problems. There, you are safe from constantly ogling eyes of social media.

5. Avoiding To Blowing Your Own Trumpet
Closed mouths do not get fed. Learn to share your achievements, talents and success stories on your social media platforms. How else will your future employer know your achievements? You can use social media positively by making a name for yourself. However, be careful not to come off as a show-off. Express yourself with humility even in the midst of your success. This way you also build your own esteem in the process of having fun.


Social media is important and crucial in today’s world that can set you apart from competitors. Make sure you are making the most of the opportunities it presents.



This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent Gabriel Abagalana.

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