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5 Reasons your tinder Isn’t attracting your perfect match

Tinder has quickly grown to become one of the most popular online dating applications since its creation in 2012. It allows people from all over the world to connect to their matches, exchange messages, meet for dates and create love stories that are worth telling the world. But even with a solution as easy as that, many claim they are not able to find their perfect match.

Here is why your Tinder profile is not attracting the matches you hope for:

  1. Your Profile Picture

Your profile picture is a major key to finding a match, mostly because most people don’t even go further than your profile picture. Your profile picture must be a reflection of who you really are. Don’t post a picture dressed as a hostess yet you are actually a doctor. Misleading information on your biography and unappealing pictures is a major deciding factor and just like that, you miss your chance of finding love. A key tip is to always remember to smile.

2.Luck of interest in your Bio

After falling for your picture, your match will want to know more about you so reading through your profile ensure you offer something captivating. Eliminate boring words that don’t do a great job of describing you, your interests, and what makes you special. Instead, keep it light-hearted and fun. No one likes seriousness all the time it’s quite boring. When looking for a partner, online daters often hope for a life of adventure; an overly serious profile can be a total turn off for your perfect match. Have fun with your bio and the rest will follow.

3.To Needy in your Bio

Online dating facilitates a good start for a relationship. For that, being rigid with your expectations, only seeking something serious or worse just a hook-up, can drive potential matches away. Establish your Tinder bio as your starting point, then more serious conversations should follow after messaging a few times.

4.Unrealistic information

Let’s face it. You can’t like all sports, all indoors and outdoor activities, all types of music and dance if a match sees that on your bio, he’ll immediately know that you are lying. So, if you lie about that, what else did you lie about? Is your profile picture even you? Probably not. And that’s how you lose a match. Always be honest, and use your judgment to converse with matches in an appropriate, respectful manner.

5. Being too specific

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Being too picky can chase away almost every match because no one has those exact qualities and features that you want. Your perfect match might only have one of those qualities and goes away because you want all the requirements to be filled.

Let Your tinder profile be a reflection of who you really are and what you want but mostly, ensure it is a fun experience, and a chance for you to find the perfect match.

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