5 Essential tips on how to look put together even while on a shoe-string budget

How we dress is one of the infinite forms of self-expression. As we continue to mature, we become more self-aware and want to not only look but feel a type of way. This is so much so especially in this era of social media, which has seen the pressure to dress a certain way at its highest. With influencers and socialites pushing for fast fashion pieces, keeping up with the trends has proved to be a costly affair.

The situation therefore calls for smart shopping where wardrobe staples are prioritized. These are pieces that are reached out for every day as they form the base of every outfit. So what is it that should be looked for when investing in these everyday outfits?

Invest in a long-lasting, stretchy, high waisted pair of pants. There are two options where one can get camera jeans for 1000 from thrift stalls or purchase a new one for the same price.

Here the idea is to go for dark colored jeans. We are talking, navy blue, blue, black or jungle green. Colors that require less frequent washes hence can be re-worn the same week. To keep the colors as rich as they were first purchased, a pro tip is to always clean the jeans inside out. This way the fade is minimized.

These come very cheaply hence the temptation to splurge on the 20 shillings bail laid out at Toi market. This should not be the case. It is important to keep in mind that we are always creating a look when shopping and going for just any will do proper injustice to the cute pair of pants.
What should be prioritized is fabric and cuts. Colors and patterns also add the much-needed ‘umph’ in the outfit.

Ngomas are sent from heaven for sure. Affordable and super versatile. Nonetheless, a pair of shoes, like any other piece of cloth culminates and brings life to any look and ngomas might not always be the best option.
I am a believer in flats, cute ballet shoes. With pencil trousers, the well-fitted type, these shoes elevate a look tremendously. Thank heavens for stores on Instagram who sell flats in a variety of styles at an affordable cost. Again this is a piece to invest in.

A handbag is another staple that is carried every day. Purchasing one can be a hustle because many range from 2000 and above, but with more affordable sources like Eastleigh, there is no excuse to carry a worn out piece. Bags go for as little as 500, and they come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. To glam up the bag, purchase a puffy key chain form Dubois and viola! They are an ultimate steal as they come large enough to carry to work, school and even church.

These include a scarf, cardigan, jacket or trench coat. Pieces that are not worn as often and hence getting one good one would do just fine. Again, the cut, color, and patterns should be considered keenly as they are to be styled with everything else in the wardrobe.

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