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5 different campuses and their unique delicacies

Sleep. Eat. Study. That’s the life of a typical student and not particularly in that order. Some students live to eat, while others eat to live. Life in campus/college gives students limited options when it comes to dietary choices. But one thing you can be assured is that we will come up with unique meals and snacks, and you are guaranteed it will be cheap.

So which foods/snacks are a delicacy and unique to different campuses? We look at five unis below:

  1. Daystar University:  ChapoSmokie

This is probably one of the quick meals that I have become very well accustomed to. The chapatti-smokie combination is shaped like a hotdog and best served hot. It is easy to carry when running across campus when late for class or even for a date on the rocky hills of Lukenya. Enjoyed by all, from students to auxiliary staff across the Daystar Main campus, the ChapoSmokie is affordable and can serve as a quick lunch. Some may even call it a balanced diet especially when it is topped with a spicy kachumbari. It has probably remained popular because it is also convenient for those nights one may not want to cook and can be eaten a breakfast, lunch or dinner. In case one may be looking for a light snack, substituting the chapatti for a mandazi will be just as delicious.

chapo smokie

  1. Strathmore University: Spicy Fries

On a visit to Strathmore University, a friend insisted that a visit to the college is not complete without having a plate of their spicy fries at their local vendors. The dining establishments are typical of any low-end food venders off campus. However, the quality of the “spicy fries” was quite an experience. If there would a blind taste test, I would have guessed the fries were from a high-end fast food restaurant like Steers or KFC.  The fries are crispy and fresh without being greasy.

What sets the fries apart is the spicy salt that is liberally added to give that delicious kick. The spices are delicately balanced packing in great flavor with every mouthful. The taste just makes my mouth water as I reminisce just how delicious the fries actually were. Nonetheless, I must point out that the price is a major demerit because fries can go for Sh100, which is two super meals in other campuses. This may be the only drawback to the “Spicy Fries” but I think the price is well worth it.

Spicy-sweet-potato-fries 11

  1. Makerere University’s “Rolex”

The “Rolex” is not exclusively a creation of Makerere but many students within Kampala from primary to college level have come to embrace it as their snack of choice. The “Rolex” is an egg wrapped in a chapati. It can be topped with kachumbari and filled with various condiments especially tomato sauce. It has gained popularity because of its low price and its availability, which has seen every restaurant and every food cart offering the beloved “Rolex”.


  1. University of Nairobi: Chapo dondo and other delicacies

UoN has interesting food combinations available in addition to the popular Chapo Dondo (Chapati and Beans). A friend described the rice and chicken soup topped with a ripe banana with a side order of 2 chapatis all for the price of Sh150 served with a smile at Mama Ous “kibanda”. Granted, this famous “kibanda” may or may not exist now, the fond memories associated with this meal as my friend vividly described the great times he associated with the meal obviously still remain in the minds of many.  Another meal that was well named was the ‘Ronaldo’ which was so aptly named in honor of Ronaldo’s playing number 9 and the price of the meal which was a mere 9 shillings. ‘Ronaldo’ was Ugali served with sukuma wiki and a side order of ‘Supu ya Basari’ at the noisy school cafeteria.


  1. Moi University: Chord 26

The Chord 26 was a meal served at the univeristy’s mess hall. With a meager budget to spend on food and more allocated to drinking and partying, the cheaper the food the better. A student’s budget is tight, and so food offered has to meet the consumer demands hence the meal worth 50 shillings that would fill you up for a day. The food is well prepared and despite the low pricing, it is actually tasty. The Chord 26 meal included a serving of rice, paper-thin chapatti and a generous serving of meat stew which is more watery cabbage than beef stew, just the right amount of food to keep a student going.


Which delicacies are served in your campus/college? Please drop us a comment below.

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