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5 Benefits of going to a small campus that Form 4 leavers should consider


One of the critical decisions to make is choosing a college where you’ll further your education and it can be just as thrilling as it is terrifying.

While it may not rank as high as the cost of tuition, the major first decision you’ll really need to make- and one that helps narrow your list to only a few options- is what college size that suits you. A big flagship university though tempting as it looks; may or may not be the right for you and it depends on your personality. One size doesn’t fit all. Smaller satellite campuses don’t have everything that bigger schools provide, but they have a lot to offer. They tend to give you the individualized treatment that you want while giving you the experience of going to college while staying at home. Here are pros of why you should consider going to a small campus:

1. Small Class-Size Environment
Attending a class at a large campus often means taking a seat in a large auditorium filled with many hundreds of other students. It’s common to have too many students and not enough desks. Smaller campuses offer a much different experience; you’ll rarely be in a class of more than 50 students. Sometimes smaller is truly better and in turn, you’ll connect more closely with your peers allowing intimate conversations, friendship-making, and collaborative projects. You’ll also receive more one-on-one attention from professors, making it easier to ask questions during class, contribute in class discussions since there is more time to share your ideas.

2. Getting to know your professors
Attending a small college lets you build great relationships with your professors, in and out of class. They often take the first day in class to play ice-breaker games to get to know you, learn your face and put a name to it. But it also means that you won’t get the luxury of hiding and skipping class unnoticed. Nothing is more awkward than being called out for skipping lectures. Satellite campus professors will also say hello once in a while as they pass you in the corridors and although it might seem like high school at first- there are ways this works to your advantage. You can take advantage of office hours to go over an assignment with your teacher which provides extra opportunities for learning, increased mentoring on personal goals and networking opportunities.

3. Short- Walks Across Campus
One of the benefits of a small college is knowing you’ll rest easy and be able to get from one place to another because of the closely packed layout. Everything is centralized and most classes will be within pretty close proximity to each other and it’s a five minutes’ walk to the dining hall, tack shop, and the library. Isn’t that a great feeling?

4. Close- Knit Student Community
It’s easy to make new and lifelong friends, in a condensed environment. Running into people over and over again- at campus social events, the dining hall and seeing them in class definitely makes you close over a period of time. You’ll tend to have friends everywhere you go and walking down the sidewalks, just about every face is recognizable; making for a friendly and supportive environment for learning.

5. Living At Home
Chances are you’ll probably be living at home since your college is not too far from your parent’s house, therefore, commuting to college. And that you’ll always have access to a well-stocked fridge instead of navigating through the huge lines at the dining centers. Oh, and your loving parents, will generally support and serve as a source of encouragement in your academics.

Hopefully, reading these perks has convinced you to consider the benefits of a smaller college.

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