4 Reasons why you should never make your man the center of your life

Is there a man who makes your heart skips beats on several occasions? You are likely to be genuinely in love with him but remember to tread cautiously. Several Kenyan women lament that some men use and dump them. Do not fall a victim of the same.


Here are some of the reasons you shouldn’t make him the center of your heart in any way.
1. He is ever cheating
It hurts a lot to have an unfaithful man in your life. A man who doesn’t respect you with your relationship at all. Every time he keeps on playing your feelings with other women outside their behind you back. These types of men are unbearable and are there just to waste your time. They also want to make your life miserable for no good reason. Always be ready to walk away and make your life better alone as painful might turn out to be.

2. You are not sure of his intentions
Not all men are good. They pretend a lot whenever they want something from women. He will make you believe that he treasures you from the bottom of his heart when in a real sense he doesn’t at all. Never waste time on a man who is not clear on his intentions. He will make you cry and regret after he gets what he wanted from you.

3. If you break up, you find it hard to move on
Not all relationships lead to marriage. You are likely to call it quits because of different reasons. You have to be extra keen on evaluating your relationship with him to avoid finding yourself in the same predicament. This is because it will be hard for you to accept and move on after a breakup. The situation might also tempt you to stay with him only to hurt yourself even more.

4. If he doesn’t love you
Love is what makes two people come together. It’s something that will keep you, two people, together. Don’t hesitate to leave him if he never cares about you or shows you his love. Excuse yourself from him and look for a man who appreciates you and is also ready and available for you at any time.

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