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4 must-have apps that will keep your 2019 resolutions in check

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The second month of 2019 is almost over, so it might be time to reflect on your progress so far.

As we think back on the new year’s resolutions it is important, to be honest with yourself and examine what your perceptions of the new year were. Understanding how your perceptions and reality match up could be essential in discerning what progress you have made, and how you could improve.

Here are a few apps that could help you reach your 2019 goals:


If you intend on staying on track with your fitness goals, it might be time to track how much your eating, when and why. Keeping a food diary as well as logging in how many hours you work out could change up how quickly you meet your fitness goals. There are several apps that can be useful, but the most tried and tested app is MyFitnessPal. According to the reports, the app offers a free online calorie counter and diet plan. It is designed to help users to lose weight by tracking your caloric intake quickly and easily. Women’s Health spoke with Melisse Marie who spoke of her journey to fitness with the app. Speaking about how she lost 167 pounds, Melisse said “I don’t cut any specific food groups out of my diet, but I make sure to eat healthy foods like lean meats, veggies, and whole grains. I also use tracking tools like MyFitnessPal to remind myself to eat, so I don’t go long stretches without food followed by binges.”

2. Spirituality

If you hope to stay connected to God this year, it might be time to consider using technology to keep your connection alive. There are several apps that offer Bible verses as well as devotionals that keep users on the right path. Using a simple, well-designed app in your phone, could be the difference between feeling grounded and happy or feeling frustrated and disconnected. Check out CrossWalk Devotionals and First5.

3. Budgeting

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Many have declared 2019 to be the year of financial freedom, and nothing steers you closer to financial freedom and abundance as budgeting. Keeping your finances in check is as easy as 1,2,3 with a variety of apps that can notify you on pending bills, track spending as well as help with investments. The Safaricom app has a ton of great features that help in planning one’s finances.  However, it is important to remember that tracking your spending is only half the work, one must also adjust their budget accordingly. According to The Balance, one should “take the time towards the end of the month to adjust next month’s budget so that will work for you. It is important to remember that saving and debt payments should take precedence over eating out and vacations. ”

4. Personal Growth

Interesting in growing? If you are looking to learn a few new things and hope to improve yourself, there are several apps that could help you achieve that goal. Whether you are interested in reading more or being more current with trending topics or even professional development; it is possible to do it all. Apps such as Castbox are a hub for information with audiobooks, podcasts and music all on one platform. Should you be interested in books, application such as Wattpad and Audible are a great resource.

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