3 Times Kendall Jenner kicked off a fashion trend

Supermodel Kendall Jenner just turned 23.

In her 23 years on this planet, this reality tv star has been known for her fashion looks and her ability to style everything and anything. So here are the 3 trends Kendall Jenner started in fashion that she can be credited for.

3.Baggy jeans

Kendall is probably a size 2 or 0. However, her style seems to gravitate towards a tomboy look; which includes lots of baggy, oversized clothes. Known to style a baggy mom-jean, Kendall started a trend that even her sisters copied. Her go-to style when donning a pair of baggy jeans is pairing them with a pair of killer heels. Pairing this look with lots of confidence, Kendall pulls it off with ease.


Kendall wears boots with everything. She often styles boots with a dress, a miniskirt, even with an oversize dress. Walking in fashion shows for various major brands such as Valentino, Fendi, and many others, Kendall has a variety of boots that she is more than happy to style.

1.Crop top

With washboard abs and a long torso, some may argue that Kendall was born to wear crop tops. Kendall has great abs and she knows it. Switching it up regularly, Kendall is not afraid to show a bit of skin. But for most trying to adopt this look, some adjustments might have to be made as it Kendall often features some underboob when styling this look.

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