3 Sweet ways to keep your man feel happy in a relationship

A good relationship needs love as its foundation, and sweet gestures to keep it growing and thriving for years to come. It also needs more effort and sacrifice from both so as to make things be enjoyable for both individuals in the relationship.

However, all those will happen if you will make your partner happy and feel appreciated in a relationship. This is because the equal feelings you get from each other is what makes a relationship move forward.

Here are three sweet ways on how to make your man feel happy in a relationship:

1. Let him know his efforts in the relationship are appreciated
Men’s happiness is when he understands his worth in a relationship. They feel good whenever the effort they make (big or small) in their relationship is appreciated. If your boyfriend works outside the home, let him understand that you appreciate his job. This is because he is sacrificing a lot to do that job, to sustain you and the family in the house. Always be open and let him know that you appreciate his commitment and effort to keep you happy and safe.

2. Make time for him in the bedroom
Treating your man like a king in a relationship is always a good idea. It’s something that will make him feel good and also be proud of in a relationship. Never hesitate to shower him with sweet love in bed. I know he is not a sex god but let him feel that he is the only one for you. Nobody ever owes their partner, sex but cultivating desire is always a good thing in a healthy relationship. Nurture your desire for him and heap it upon him when you are together. Physical intimacy is one of the few languages that will have a great impact on a relationship.

3.Compliment him
There is nothing good like having a loving and caring woman in your life. A woman who can make you smile and laugh at times when you’re not in the mood. She calls him sweet names and proclaims how lucky she is for having him in her life. Men enjoy having their ego stroked, but also enjoy a thought-out compliment. Doing that makes him feel good and appreciated as a man in a relationship.


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