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3 Surefire ways to find a job you will love in 2020

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Ask yourself where you get the highest feeling of satisfaction? Which job or organization makes you feel motivated and excited about work?

For you to feel fulfilled and happy at work, you must think about the space and environment you wish to work in.  Ask yourself where you get the highest satisfaction? Which job or organization makes you feel motivated and excited about work? These questions will help you to think about the environments you might succeed in. In turn, you will be able to avoid those companies or jobs that could make you miserable.   

The following three ways could help you find(or keep) a job that you love  going into 2020: 

1. If you want to change careers, make plans to meet and talk to those who already work in the job you want.

Ask them questions such as how they got to where they are, what their daily job looks like and what they love about their work. In this way, you will be able to collect information on what it means to work in this field. The information you get will also help you find out if you have the necessary skills to get into this industry. If you do not have the skills, you can have a road map about how to build this experience. 

2. Catch the attention of a job recruiter

First, begin with a cover letter that is well written. For example, it should show how you match the experience and skills given in the job description.  Secondly, your CV should have a strong personal description at the top and a section that outlines your key skills such as team player or a good communicator. The key skills section is important because it shows the relevant skills you have acquired from your job experience. Then follow it with a career history from the latest to the oldest emphasizing where you have added value such as saying you increased sales by ten percent instead of only saying you worked in sales. 

3. To stick to your career resolutions you should

Write them down on a paper and stick them in a place you see every day such as your wardrobe mirror or the fridge. Secondly, create a  plan. Think about how you will turn these ideas into reality. Next, find someone who will support and ask you about these resolutions. 

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2020 should be a year where you decide to work in an environment you love. If you cannot move to another job, perhaps use the above strategies to turn your job into something that makes you fulfilled and happy.

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