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3 most pivitol moments to celebrate from Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3

The Long Night is done, and so are the lives of many beloved characters.

Game of Thrones writers have an interesting way of meshing the past, present and future and fans are consumed by every detail. The Battle of Winterfell encompassed lots of fan predictions that would soon be unveiled as fundamental to the plotlines of some of the most central characters. The Battle which saw the Dothraki sent out to the field first, quickly favored the wight and the Night King in their conquest against the living.

Many died, but more importantly, there are a few fan theories worth discussing that could affect events in future episodes.

1. Arya Stark Conquers Death

Once known as ‘the Stark girl,’ Arya’s success in the Battle of Winterfell was more than just a win for the living against the Night King. A personal success for her, she saved the Seven Kingdoms on her own tuff of Winterfell, and more importantly saved her brother Bran from the Night King, after they lured him to godswood.

Arya’s life has been leading up to this moment, and although there is still one more name on her ‘kill list’ many doubt there will be a better, more significant kill for the Stark girl. However, Arya did not do it alone, getting help from the Hound and Beric Dondarrion who preserved her from multiple attempts on her life during the epic battle.

However, there is more to Arya’s skills than just her fighting abilities. She is also believed to have some warg abilities, as her dreams often involve Nymeria, her direwolf. Her abilities as a warg from childhood, and her training while in the House of the Undying in Bravos under the instruction of Jaqen H’ghar, may have made her indestructible by the wights and the Night King.

As we go into Episode 4, Arya Stark will continue to play a critical role in reclaiming the Seven Kingdoms.

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2. Bran Stark Saw Everything

Bran Stark, who is now the Three-Eyed Raven has abilities that simple folk may not truly understand. His idea to lure the Night King to godswood could have been based on information he may have had prior to the Battle of Winterfell.

According to Vox, the Night King finally met his match — though only partly, as many viewers had speculated, at the hands of Bran Stark and a carefully laid magic trap. All- Seeing Bran also furnished Arya with the weapon that would be used to end the Night King. This now trashes the fan theory that speculated the Night King as Bran, officially making it null and void. Clearly, the episode’s most climactic moment was highly constructed by Bran, all thanks to his visions.

In the days after the Battle of Winterfell, Bran will continue to orchestrate major happenings, as the remaining nobles fight it out for the Iron Throne.

3. Jon Snow Comes Face to Face with Viserion

Jon Snow’s part in Episode 3 was whelming. Some might say the man who is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne could have done more in the Battle of Winterfell. However, it seems that his battles were more than just physical as he faced off with new revelations, on his lineage and identity. Coming full circle, he faced off with one of the dragons.

Snow, or should we saw Aegon Targaryen now had to kill Viserion, the dragon that became one of the undead fighting for the Night King. His abilities to bond with dragons as a Targaryen, came in handy as he may have impressed himself on Viserion. Coupled with his Stark blood, it seems the iconic battle was more than a fight for life in this realm. But it soon became an anticlimax and a blasé moment for the King in the North. The dragon died as soon as Arya Stark put  Littlefinger’s Valerian steal dagger in the Night King.

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On the plus side, fans can celebrate that Jon Snow’s life has been spared, and he will most likely lead the revolt against Cersei for the Iron Throne.




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