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3 Lessons MPs Can Learn From Gathoni Wa Muchomba

Elected in the recently concluded General Election, Muthoni wa Muchomba has made headlines for her salary increment request. The elect Women’s Representative for Kiambu who is quoted as saying in an interview on NTV saying, “I want to be paid well, I want to be honored for who I am.” The rookie politician found herself between a rock and a hard place when even the President Elect promised to back any bills that seek to increase wages of sitting Parliamentarians.

After the electorate when on to sign petitions to impeach the newly elected Women’s Representative, it seems it did not take much for Wa Muchomba to backtrack and reevaluate her statement. The media personality known for her show on vernacular radio, has now changed her stance on the MPs move for a pay hike. However, it just may be too little too late.

Here are a few lessons Members of Parliament can learn from Muchomba’s oversight.

1. Don’t count your chicken before they hatch

Even before being sworn in, wa Muchomba’s greed became known to the public. Her regrettable statements that she thought justified a pay rise did not board well with the electorate. For any anyone who just got a job, it is important not to get too comfortable. Always seek advice on an issue before sharing your two cents.

2.The people always have the power

It would be naive to believe that the politician has the final say. In a democracy, the leadership is elected by the people, for the people. This principle is fundamental to the running of the state and the election of leaders. So, those who believe they have made it to the August House, remember that the people have just given you the job, they have the power to remove you from office.

3.Be humble

They say pride comes before a fall. If wa Muchomba’s public apology is anything to go by, it is always key to remain humble.


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