3 Fundamentals Every Entrepreneur Needs To Make It Big In Kenya

Joel Mwale an entrepreneur known for his first big business that made him millions, sprang back to solving one of Kenya’s toughest problems. From humble beginnings, Mwale dropped out of school due to lack of tuition fees but his first business initiative, SkyDrop Enterprises gained him millions afters its sale to an Israeli firm. The simple business of filtering and selling bottled water would catapult Joel Mwale into the realm of business.

The young man with an appetite for business and a drive to change the world around him came up with a student portal that combines education and social media in 2015. Joel’s latest venture dubbed Gigavia,  is already implemented in several countries including Mauritius and Ghana since its launch in 2013. In collaboration with various universities, the portals are said to be more efficient and user-friendly than the conventional e-portal. According to an interview with online magazine, HowWeMadeInAfrica  Mwale says “the portal will help universities reduce costs of hiring IT staff and maintaining portals that students hardly use.” The business, which started in 2013, recently attracted around $1m from an investor and there are big ambitions of working with universities across the globe according to the interview.

So what makes an entrepreneur successful?

1″Can Do” Attitude

The entrepreneurial spirit is one that embodies self-confidence even when the odd are not in one’s favor. Keeping a positive attitude and maintaining the drive to achieve even the wildest dreams can be the difference the dream that becomes an actuality and a dream that just remains just that, a dream.


2.Make Your Resolutions Clear

A clear idea of one’s ambitions and how they hope to get there is key. Though there might be a few changes to the original plan, a plan could your guide to success. It is of importance to chart your own path, but always be sure to take in others considerations as they could spare you the trouble of making mistakes others have made before you.


3. Bounce Back

Just like many successful entrepreneurs, Joel Mwale bounced back quick after the sale of his first venture SkyDrop Enterprises. Instead of dwelling on his previous success, Mwale moved on to the next big idea. As an entrepreneur, one must always strive to continue providing solutions to the myriad of problems around you.


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