3 aspects of phone etiquette to reconsider if you hope to communicate effectively

Communicating with another person in these times is the easiest human have had it. You can reach out to any person in any place thus increasing opportunities to know others and better one-self. The downside to this technology is that we no longer take time to think and craft the message we want to convey. Therefore, we may end up at annoying the other party and at a bigger disadvantage than one started at.

Some of the smallest annoyance that I have realized over time is in relation to the following:


If it’s been a while since we last spoke or you last spoke with someone, call if you wish to talk to them, don’t text and don’t whatsapp call. Use your credit and make an actual phone call, it makes all the difference. It’s polite, gives the other person a good impression so they are willing to pay attention to you and also helps you gauge whether you are in good rapport with the other person or it’s time to delete their number.

It also confirms whether a number is in use as compared to a text where you can’t tell whether they are using the number or not.

2. Identify yourself

It’s a good habit to introduce yourself when starting a conversation over the phone especially if you have gotten the number from someone else, a business card or it’s been a while since you spoke.  Most times, people assume that the other person doesn’t want to speak to them when they don’t respond to their texts while it’s a case of inappropriate ice breakers. It’s rare that you will respond to a strange number asking for information or simply greeting you. Many will assume it’s a conman, spam from betting agencies and advertising agencies or lenders claiming their money.

Always introduce yourself, and in a clear way not “do you know who this is/who you are speaking with”. This eliminates the chances of being misunderstood and ignored.

3. Check your conversation

Always greet the person you are engaging with via the phone. ‘Good morning’ or a ‘how are you’ go a long way in mellowing the recipient. It’s cliche but check on the person before just asking for something. They may give you the standard answers or be more open depending on your relation and this sets the conversation pace. Don’t rush into questioning aspects of a person life such as where they work or live based on social media posts. Most times it feels invasive and truthfully most times it’s merely you getting the sauce on the other person while it’s none of your business unless they are willing to share it.

These, as well as your preferences, may go a long way in improving how you reach out to others and improve the way your message is received and even responses to it. Let’s make this work for us rather than against us.

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