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18 Dating considerations men should make to get the girl

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The rules of dating have changed. While this means you can get away with a lot, it also implies that it’s confusing to tell whether you’re doing things right. However, with our excellent dating advice, you’ll find your special person in no time at all.

Are you a single guy searching for that special person? You should try out the best hookup sites 2021 or keep reading this article for proven and tested unique dating advice. So, let’s not waste time – here are some excellent tips you should not dismiss in 2021.

1.Be Vulnerable

You probably think that you will seem more “manly” if you’re more reversed. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If there’s any dating advice you shouldn’t ignore, it’s to make sure you seem a little more human by being vulnerable.  

2.Exhaust All Channels

Some of the best dating advice you need to know is that you should exhaust all your dating channels while searching for “the one.” You can try dating online and in person. While the former might feel aloof if you’re older, it helps you cast your net deeper and help you meet more people.

3.Consider The Venue

When it comes to great first date advice, most of the people who’ve gone ahead of you will tell you that meeting at a restaurant or a bar is a cliché. You want your crush to enjoy your first meet as much as you, so choose to go with an activity that you’ll both enjoy. The best dating advice will always point you in the direction of where you can have fun while you’re in your element.

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4.Flirt, but Don’t Overdo It

This is great dating advice for men because a little flirting will get things going. So, please, go ahead and flirt. But remember, you want to keep it light; otherwise, you’ll scare off your date.

5.Dating Advice That’ll Score You Points: Dress to Impress

Even if you’re going for a picnic with your date, try to look good. Take a shower and put on something you’re comfortable in. Don’t forget to smell good too.

6.Ask Questions

If you’re a shy guy, this is some of the best dating advice you’ll ever get. Asking questions turns the attention to the other party as you get to know them. Just make sure you don’t ask deeply personal questions.

7.Put Your Phone Away

You don’t want your date to think you can’t adapt to social situations now, do you? As long as you’re with her, focus all your attention on them.

8.Maintain Some Balance

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Some excellent dating advice is to ensure you balance out yourself. Try not to be too forward, overconfident, or nosy. Even if you think you’ve found “the one” on the first date, they may not feel the same.

9.Value Your Dates’ Time

You’ve got to arrive on time for a date. If you don’t make it, let your partner know in advance. That’s one of the first pieces of dating advice you should consider.

10.Be Yourself

Pretending to be someone else portrays that you aren’t confident about who you are and prevents her from getting to know the real you.

11.Be Prepared

If you’re serious about putting dating advice into practice, this will help you score a few points. Get to know what she likes before the meetup. Whether it’s flowers or a bar of chocolate, they will appreciate your effort.

12.Be Open and Straightforward

Unless you’re ok getting dating advice with no end-goal, you have to tell your date exactly what you want the first time. Whether you’re looking for a serious relationship or something casual, always let them know so that you’re both on the same page.

13.Form a Friendship

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Some of the helpful dating advice you will get from relationship experts is to be friends first. Keep romantic feelings aside for a change and create a good friendship with your partner.

14.Be  Sensitive

Remember, your partner also has feelings,so you may want to think about that while talking about sensitive subjects or events. If there’s a single piece of dating advice that’ll get you out of a fix, this is it.

15.Stop Trying to Be “Cool”

If you were to ask a friend for some dating advice, they’d tell you not to try being cool. Some people prefer the nerdy or dorky types.

16. Your partner isn’t your ‘homie’

This is some of the dating advice your friends won’t tell you. Remember, you’re looking for someone you can have a special connection with. They need to feel special.

17. Be Honest

Being honest is some great dating advice because it will set you in the right direction. For instance, if you’ve been dating for some time and feel like you want to be exclusive, let your partner know so that you can talk about it.

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18.Recap the Date

After the date, meet a close friend for some dating advice. While this is not a must-do, recapping the event with them will let you know where you did well. Your friend can also help you improve some things if you want to continue dating that person.


Now you’re equipped to take the dating scene by storm. What dating advice would you give to a friend? If you have some dating advice questions you’d like us to answer, let us know in the comments below.

Mrs. Green is a family photographer and writes about relationship psychology. She’s a wife and a mother of two adorable kids who won’t get bored even for a minute. She completed a photography course in college. She’s passionate about photography and writing. She loves personality psychology and to help couples with advice on the relationship.

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