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11 Ways to stand out as a fresh graduate

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As a fresh graduate, standing out in the job market may seem impossible. After all, you have little-to-no job experience, and there are hundreds of people with the same qualifications and probably eyeing the same number of companies for a job. You might feel like a grain of sand in an ocean. The situation is not as hopeless as it sounds.

With some of the tips listed below, you will see how possible it is to differentiate yourself and land a job!

1. Perform a SWOT analysis and highlight accordingly

More often than not, after graduation, many job seekers target specific companies. Although necessary, it may not help you to achieve the very thing you need to be hired, stand out. There is a lot more that you need to consider.

What are your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities that available for you? What are your career interests? What are your abilities and areas that need improvement?

The best solution is to avoid following the masses and instead seek to answer some of these questions. Gathering such information will help you to look and apply for jobs that you are likely to excel in. That way, when you encounter an interview question such as “why do you think you would excel in this role,” you will have a genuine and individualized reason rather than a generic response.

2. Customize applications

Even after seeking guidance in writing a winning CV, it is essential to customize your applications to suit the company. There are many aspects that you can research a company to understand them. Knowledge gained in the process can give you a glimpse into your responsibilities in the facility, and challenge you to think of the impact you would be making.

3. Show your career interests

You may have graduated from a similar program, but you have different passions and this is what will differentiate you from other candidates. For instance, you may be a graduate in secretarial studies with a passion for human rights. In that case, familiarizing yourself with activities in this field and seeking opportunities in relevant organizations can be helpful.

Understanding your passion will help you to focus on all the right places and increase your chances of getting hired.

4. Engage in educational activities

Educational activities can be anything from volunteering, taking internships, learning new skills, following news about the field, or networking with professionals. Choose an activity that appeals you that would help you to understand your career in depth. Educational engagements can lead you to opportunities you may not have realized previously.

5. Look out for opportunities that would use your skills

Are there gaps that you can fill? Depending on the profession, you can gain such information by following updates, listening to people’s wishes or complaints, and formulating hypothesis, among others. Where possible, take a bold step and fill the gaps; it will position you far ahead of others.

6. Accept opportunities that come your way

Every job offers intellectual and financial rewards. Rather than idly waiting for your dream job, it is best to take up other opportunities that come your way. This will demand a thick skin of looking past criticism to the ultimate goal of being successful. You may be working in a small restaurant as a customer service agent while waiting for a job as an accountant. The experience can come in handy in serving different types of customers in a financial institution in future.  

The knowledge gained while working in unrelated fields can be transferrable to desired roles. If not, it can equip you with the mental capability needed to excel in the corporate world.

7. Highlight your key competencies/ reasons for suitability

One of the advantages of seeking CV writing services is the ability to highlight your skills and competencies well. Rather than sending out a generic CV or cover letter, dedicate some time to analyze the job requirements, comparing with your CV, and highlighting clearly. Remember that the span of attention is gradually and the recruiter may be overwhelmed by the volume of CVs received. As a result, your application may be lost among many others that look too complex and cluttered to read.

8. Familiarise self with possible career routes

More often than not, professional skills are applicable across industries. Widening your scope of understanding shows all the possible ways you can convert the knowledge to products or services. In the end, you will have wide areas to consider.

9. Check past job advertisements

Another way of preparing for entry-level positions is checking past job advertisements. What were the requirements and the responsibilities? Such knowledge is valuable in customizing applications and topping up your knowledge.

10. Learn possible job terms and responsibilities

One job can be advertised under different titles. Meaning that, unless you understand the responsibilities, you may be scanning past opportunities that would be perfect for you. 

11. Ask around

A job is a vital aspect of everyone’s life. That means that when you do not have one, your sense of worthiness may be low. Rather than carrying the weight alone, let go of the fear and ask others about possible offers. This move is a direct sign of boldness and is essential in all professions and it comes with a lot of perks in regard to networking.

First, you can know about suitable opportunities early or from companies you may not have heard about. Second, you can know when to look out for opportunities in specific companies. Third, some people may be well connected and refer you to the employers thus shortening the search time. Fourth, as people interact with you, you may know of essential skills sought by different employers. Let people know that you are looking for a job.

Final words

As a graduate, there is no standard timeline as to when you can secure a job. However, using some of the tips listed above can greatly decrease the search time.

This article was first published on Fuzu.

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