11 Nigerian students dead as school collapses during mid-morning class

It is a sad day for Nigeria, as a school collapses leaving several dead.

According to the BBC, “at least 10 people have died and many more are feared trapped after a building containing a school collapsed in the Nigerian city of Lagos. The school, which was on the top floor of the four-story building had more than 100 pupils, a rescue official told the BBC. So far, about 40 pupils had been pulled out alive.

The building which was scheduled for demolition came tumbling down yesterday(13.3.2019) mid-morning with students inside it. The incident that saw large crowds gather saw parents and family members rush to the scene in search of their children after the tragic event.

The students were attending their classes in the ill-constructed structure near Ita Faji market, which was designated as a residential building. Mohammed Muftau, a local resident who witnessed the collapse, told the BBC that the building had been cracking for a long time and that complaints had been raised about it.

With rescue attempts still ongoing, it is still unknown how many students remain trapped. Aljazeera reported, “rescuers combed through the rubble early Thursday(14.3.2019) after at least eight people were killed and as many as 100 children feared trapped when a building housing a school collapsed in Nigeria’s commercial capital, Lagos.”


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