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10 Things to do while under quarantine

The coronavirus has got us all quarantined at home and it can be pretty boring, really boring.But don’t worry because they are still plenty on fun stuff you can do.

Here is a couple of things you can do to stay occupied:

1.Watch a movie/series marathon
They are plenty of movies you have watched and I’ve been meaning to watch. This is the perfect time to do it. And it’s also a perfect activity to do with your family and friends.

2.Learn a new skill
It can be anything from learning a new language to a new recipe, a dance move, sign language, you have plenty of options. Make time for yourself and learn something new.

3. Set up a TikTok account
TikTok has taken all over the world with over 500M users. With TikTok, you are able to make short videos and post online but on top of all, have a lot of fun.

4. Cook/Bake something
I am sure with your daily routine at work or school you barely have time to cook for yourself so, here’s the perfect opportunity. As for this time, you can to do it with your family and friends as you are all are quarantined together.

5. Game night
Well make it a game day, because you know you’ll be doing it during the day. This is a fun activity especially when you are stuck with your family or friends. You have tons of options including a game of cards, Pictionary, Charades, Domino, Never Have I Ever, and so much more. Trust me, while playing one of these games, the time will fly by.

6. Read
Take a time to read some books. This is perfect for you to completely get into a fictional world and forget about what’s happening. Read a book in your favorite genre or try something new. An e-book or a hard copy, can make your time at home worth it.

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7. Call your family and friends
Not seeing people does not mean communications are cut off. Make sure you call your friends, family, grandparents and keep contact with them even though you can’t see each other.

8. Do some work
Not going to school or work doesn’t necessarily that you don’t get to do any work. Take some time in your day to catch up on work or school so that the day you will be back; it won’t be overwhelming.

9. Clean your house
I am sure it’s been a while since you did that so, while stuck inside, clean you
house/apartments, your closet, your pantry, take your time to do it. This could be a trip down memory lane that you’ll enjoy definitely.

10. Relax
Enjoy this time for yourself and do everything for you. Meditate, take a bath, stay cozy in your pyjamas and do nothing. Just breath in, relax and get lost in your utopia.

Being in quarantine doesn’t mean your life is ending, make sure you enjoy every single moment of it whether it’s alone or with family and friends and make it worth it. Take care of yourself and others. Stay inside and stay safe!

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