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10 most attractive traits in a lady

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One of my boy’s is turning a year older today. The whole pack gathers at our favorite hangout joint in town to deliberate on how to make the night memorable. The course of our conversation shifts to the traits one looks for in a girl before getting into a relationship. We all had varied opinions on this subject. The following is a list of the top 10 things we all found to be most eye-catching.

1)    Independent

A girl who is emotionally stable, has an opinion and is financially independent happened to be the most eligible lady. She should have her own life; a career, friends and interests. Getting stuck to a clingy person can be really draining. The lass should let her guy spend quality time with his associates, pursue his interests and not tag her wherever he goes.

Since we live in tough economic times a lady shouldn’t off load all her financial obligations to the dude. The guy does not always have to be the one who pays the bills or buys gifts. She should o pick the tab once in a while and give presents. A girl who has her own view towards life, different tastes and diverse interests is fun to be with. Don’t make it your life’s mission to espouse all your guy’s interests, likes and dislikes; it’s repugnant. Be independent!

2)    Confidence

You don’t need to posses the looks of Naomi Campbell in order to be confident. Learn to accept and cherish everything about yourself, whether it’s your skin colour, body size, height, cleavage or even eyes. It is rather depressing to hang out with a girl who keeps whining about her weight, shape, lips etc. You are beautiful just the way you are! I am pretty sure no authentic guy would like you less just because you have smaller hips than your friends. So lift your head up high, let your gait exude confidence, flaunt your best assets and live with your not so good traits. After all nobody is perfect!

3)    Natural hair

If you are not suffering from any hair ailment or undergoing cancer treatment, please avoid weaves and wigs like the plague. I’m an ardent hater of fake hair. I find them obnoxious; my insides cringe at the sight of a weave. Although natural hair is tedious and expensive to maintain, it oozes out beauty, health and fertility. A lady who goes an extra mile to take good care of her natural hair portrays ability to take even better care of her own family. Cheap low-end weaves are an eye sore in fact they should be declared illicit. Stroking that patch of phony hair can be such a traumatizing experience for anyone. If I meet a lady for the first time and she is spotting a weave I immediately strike her off my list of potential dates.

4)    Loyalty

All successful men find it difficult when it comes to choosing the right partner. Since wealth is a great aphrodisiac, any guy who has amassed a sizeable fortune is afraid that the girl he is dating might only be interested in his property. He will always be worried that if he goes broke she would immediately jump ship and go for another man. Nothing beats the joy of having someone who you can share your most intimate secrets, worries and weaknesses without any fear whatsoever. We all want to be hitched to someone who is real, loyal and honest about their feelings. I’m yet to know how to find out if a girl is genuine or has ill motives, if you know of any way on how to do that please enlighten me.

wife material

wife material

5)    Good sense of humor

Contrary to what most people think having a good sense of humor doesn’t mean one is funny, it’s that they see the lighter side of things in life. Picture this; you are on a date with this gorgeous lady you’ve been eyeing for quite some time now. You go ahead and unleash all you killer jokes only to have her sit there, arms across, staring back at you as if waiting to suddenly see horns sprout out on your head! Even though he may be the worst comedian ever, it’s nice to appreciate when he tries to cheer you up. However silly his tales might be, the trace of a smile on your lips would greatly encourage the poor bloke.

6)    Smiling

A warm smile can melt even the hardest of men. A smiling lady is approachable, attractive and welcoming. This reminds of a lady I know of on campus who hardly smiles. She struts around with a serious demeanor .There was a time she was complaining that guys hardly approach her. Very few people would like to be associated with someone who looks like she is carrying the whole world on her back. When you walk around with a frown on your face it scares away potential suitors.  My advice, try smiling whenever you are taking a stroll out on the streets, who knows ,your prince charming may be attracted by that and come running to you arms wide open!

7)    A good cook

As the cliché goes, “the quickest way to man’s heart is through the stomach.” you don’t need to have the culinary skills of an Italian chef or a secret recipe to achieve this. Learn how to make a few dishes; hata kama ni chapo madondo tu. Most guys can attest to this, a lady who cannot make a decent meal does not pass for a ‘wife material’. Keep in mind that dipping some instant noodles into hot water which become edible in less than three minutes does not pass for cooking at all!

8)    Moderation

A few years ago I used to have these lady friends who loved partying hard – drinking hard liquor, chain smokers and occasional drugs.  A few days ago I bumped into one of them in town; I was shocked to say the least. The girl who was stunning beautiful 3 years ago now looks like a shell of her former self. She has aged considerably. You would think she is in her late thirties when in reality she is only 22 years old!  Dear ladies, if you have to take alcohol please do it with moderation lest you end up looking like a scare crow!

9)    Talented

A lady who can sing, paint, dance, play an instrument or perform any other form of art is such a great turn on. It makes her special, connected to something greater and also feed my fantasy that I’ll get a pretty little daughter who can sing and draw.

10) Adventurous

I’m the kind of guy who easily gets bored so dating a girl who is so predictable, without drama and conservative is quite intricate. A lady who isn’t afraid to explore the world, pursue her passions, have fun, wild and adventurous is simply refreshing to date. Having someone you can go from watching a football match with to rock climbing is epic!


If there is something most girls are so poor at then it’s how to express themselves out. Guys are not mind readers; if he does something you don’t like please let him know forthright. It’s completely unfair for you to be so mean, expecting him to realize his mistake and apologize on his own. Once you develop feelings for a guy go ahead and tell him, don’t wait for him to figure that out on his own as it may take ages mean while you are hurting inside.

Have an expressive day!

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