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NOC-K get sponsor towards Paris 2024 Olympic Games

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 21 – The National Olympic Committee (NOC-K) on Thursday entered into a partnership with Kenya Charity Sweepstake for support of Team Kenya towards Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The partnership will see NOC-K receive 10% of the net games revenues from Kenya Charity Sweepstake from this year until 2024.

Team Kenya will in the meantime receive Kshs.10 Million towards the Tokyo Games.

“NOC-K negotiated for this long-term partnership because one of the things that stands out is that preparation of Team Kenya needs to start way before Olympics. One of the challenges has been financial resources to adequately support the athlete four or five years in advance,” remarked NOC-K Ag. Secretary General, Francis Mutuku.

The solution to sports sponsorship has sometimes been corporate sponsorship, but often, it has been short term and linked to a specific event. 

Therefore, this partnership with Kenya Charity Sweepstake, who are a stable institution with a long history of conducting lottery in Kenya makes them an ideal partner for a long-term engagement.

The increased revenue stream for NOC-K will lay the foundation for planning for Paris 2024.

Individual sports have been heavily disadvantaged over the years, because of required ranking for qualifications to Olympics. We get fewer athletes qualifying for major games therefore because they do not get the chance to participate in events from early on, to accumulate enough ranking points and this is the problem that NOC-K together with National Federations need to solve.

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This partnership also gives Kenyans a chance to be part and parcel of Team Kenya. By playing the games, part of the revenues will go towards supporting Team Kenya, and everyone therefore can be a part of creating positive change for sports in Kenya.

The event was attended by captains of the qualified teams for Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Nick Okoth, Hit Squad, Mercy Moin – Malkia Strikers, Philadelphia Olando – Kenya Lionesses, Jefferey Oluoch – Kenya Shujaa, Faith Ogallo – Taekwondo, Mary Moraa and Benjamin Kigen of Athletics.

The contract was signed by the President of NOC-K, Dr. Paul Tergat and the C.E.O of Kenya Charity Sweepstake, Yaron Farachi. Also present were Kenya Charity Sweepstake Chairman Peter Njoroge and Tokyo 2020 Chef De Mission, Waithaka Kioni among other NOC-K executive members and members of Tokyo Operations Team.

Kenya Charity Sweepstake handed over the cheque of Kshs. 10 million to NOC-K at the event.

“KCS is more than proud to be part of the journey of the Kenyan athletes. We’ll introduce scratch cards that will be based on the Kenyan athlete. We’ll also initiate activities that athletes can take part in to give back to the community. We therefore want to tell Kenyans that as they play Lotto Bomba, they are supporting the community. The money towards this will come from the support of the people,” Yaron Farachi, C.E.O of Kenya Charity Sweepstake.

Dr. Tergat assured Kenyans that the Olympic Games in 2021 will go on as scheduled.  ‘’Let me say that we have firm assurance from the Olympic Games organizers that the postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympics shall be staged as scheduled later this year.’’

The President called on increased support for the Olympic Teams. ‘’As you may know, participating in the Olympic Games is both a long-term and, a very expensive venture.

This has now been worsened further by the covid-19 protocol requirements such as frequent testing and management of the training environment.

This is why we invite Kenyans to support our teams so that we can get our athletes to attain improved performances at the Olympic Games this year and beyond. We are delighted today to welcome the support from our partners, the Kenya Charity Sweepstake.’’

He went further to assure funding partners of proper and intended use of resources. “NOC-K executive will ensure that all resources from our partners are used extensively for the success of the athlete and promotion of the Olympic Movement and spirit. I wish, therefore, to assure our partners, especially sponsors that we are totally committed to put your investment into proper and intended purposes, transparently and with utmost integrity.’’

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