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KCB splashes Sh25mn for 2020 rally season

KCB Director of Communication and Marketing Angela Mwirigi hands over the sponsorship cheque to Kenya Motorsports Federation chairman Phineas Kimathi and Chief Administrative Secretary in the ministry of sports Hassan Noor Hassan. PHOTO/Courtesy

NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 5 – Kenya Commercial Bank has announced a Sh25mn sponsorship for this year’s Kenya Motorsports federation rallying season, chalking down an 18th year of partnership between the two entities.

KCB Marketing and Communications Director Angela Mwirigi has announced that Sh20mn of the total amount will go to the Kenya National Rally Championship while Sh5mn will go towards the autocross season.

“This is yet another milestone for the motorsport industry which continues to flourish in leaps and bounds for us to see 18 years of joy seeing the industry grow and help in nature hundreds of rally drivers and navigators,” Mwirigi said as she unveiled the sponsorship on Wednesday at a Nairobi hotel.

The rally season which is expected to traverse through seven legs will zoom off this weekend with the Guru Nanak rally opening up the campaign at Stoni Athi.

“The huge boost by KCB will go a long way in the successful staging of the events, the sponsorship has kept the sport aloft over the years,” Phineas Kimathi, the Kenya Motorsports Federation chairman said.

This year will be a huge one for rallying as the Safari Rally will return to the World Rally Championship calendar for the first time in 18 years.

KCB have promised they will also support the Safari, which is scheduled for July this year with renowned drivers from all over the world expected to be in the country.

“I know everybody is looking forward to the Safari Rally and we will ensure that the WRC event is successfully held in Kenya,” Kimathi stated.

At the same time, the Chief Administrative Secretary in the ministry of sports Noor Hassan Noor has assured that the government will take a leading role in ensuring that the championship is held successfully.

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“We will continue supporting the sport even as Kenya prepares for the WRC event and we want to see motor sports move to desirable levels in the country,” Noor, who was representing Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed stated.

The Safari Rally will be the fifth leg of the National Rally Calendar. After Guru Nanak, the rally will head to Nakuru in March.


February 8-9: KNRC 1- Guru Nanak Rally (Sikh Union Nairobi)

March 7-8: KNRC 2- Nakuru Rally (Rift Valley Motor & Sports Club)

April 4-5: KNRC 3- Mombasa Rally (Mombasa Motor Club)

June 6-7: KNRC 4- KMSC Rally (Kenya Motor Sport Club)

July 18-19: KNRC 5-WRC Safari Rally Kenya

August 29-30: KNRC 6-Nanyuki Rally (Nanyuki Rally Group)

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October 3-4:  KNRC 7- RSC Rally (Rallye Sports Club)

November 7-8: KNRC 8 – VCCCK Rally (Vintage and Classic Car Club of Kenya)

-By Keziah Aoma



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