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PSG coach Tuchel plays down spat with Mbappe

PSG coach Thomas Tuchel has tried to play down his very visible spat with Kylian Mbappe during the Ligue 1 leaders’ weekend win over Montpellier © AFP/File / FRANCK FIFE

SAINT-GERMA-EN-LAYE, France, Feb 3 Paris Saint-Germain coach Thomas Tuchel on Monday attempted to play down a touchline spat with Kylian Mbappe which overshadowed the French champions’ big weekend win over Montpellier.

“There is nothing personal between him and me. These things happen,” said Tuchel after Mbappe reacted angrily to being substituted midway through the second half of PSG’s 5-0 victory at the Parc des Princes, with Mauro Icardi taking his place.

“It was between a player who does not want to come off, and a coach who had his reasons for doing something, and who wanted to give a game to players who deserved it.”

After Saturday’s match, Tuchel admitted that the reaction of Mbappe “doesn’t look good” and pointed out that: “This is football, not tennis, and you have to respect everyone.”

The 21-year-old World Cup winner, who had scored his 14th league goal of the season in the victory, exchanged words with Tuchel as he came off, and then stormed to his seat on the bench, throwing away a training top in disgust.

Tuchel said he discussed the matter again at training on Sunday, with the player and with Leonardo, the club’s sporting director.

“I spoke about it yesterday with Leo, of course, and with the squad, as we generally do. But what I said will remain in the dressing room,” added Tuchel, speaking before PSG return to league action on Tuesday away to Nantes.

Returning to the incident, he added: “We had the game wrapped up, and it was a chance to take off Pablo (Sarabia) and Kylian, and put on Mauro and ‘Edi’ (Cavani), who deserved to get some minutes.

“I know it is hard to accept for some players, but these are sporting matters that they should be able to understand.”

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– Neymar birthday ‘not the best’ preparation –

With PSG returning to action in midweek, and also having a Champions League clash with Borussia Dortmund looming ever closer on the horizon, Tuchel could also be excused for being less than impressed with Neymar’s latest off-field antics.

Neymar arriving at his 28th birthday celebration in Paris on Sunday © AFP / Zakaria ABDELKAFI

The Brazilian — who sported a pink hair-do in the win against Montpellier — organised a lavish celebration ahead of his 28th birthday at a Parisian nightclub in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower on Sunday, including an all-white dress code.

Tuchel insisted that the event, to which Neymar invited all his team-mates, would not have an influence on his team selection for Tuesday’s trip to face a Nantes side who sit ninth in the table.

The Brazilian, however, will not be risked due to a rib complaint, the club said late on Monday.

“I always protect my players, and I really love my team. With this party, I accept that it is a bit difficult to protect the players, but the context is not simply black or white,” Tuchel said.

“Is it the best way to prepare for a match? No, clearly not. Is it the worst thing in the world? No.

“It is a shame, because we are giving people the chance to speak badly of us. We need to adapt to the situation, but I am not going to leave a player on the bench or at home because they went out and celebrated.”

PSG, who are 12 points clear of Marseille at the Ligue 1 summit, do have defensive injury problems just now, though, with Marquinhos, Thiago Silva, Juan Bernat and Colin Dagba all out of Tuesday’s game.

Midweek fixtures in Ligue 1 (kick-offs 9pm unless stated)

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Lille v Rennes, Monaco v Angers, Nantes v Paris Saint-Germain (11:05 pm)


Brest v Bordeaux, Lyon v Amiens, Montpellier v Metz, Nimes v Dijon, Reims v Nice, Toulouse v Strasbourg, Saint-Etienne v Marseille (11pm)



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    Pay rise after covid created worst year in living memory

    Live BlogLIFE SUPPORT Budget 2021 news NHS nurses’ FURY at ‘pitiful’ 1% pay rise after covid created toughest year in living memory widespread Credit 20 a week boost extended

    country wide Living Wage to rise by 345 a year

    Stamp duty holiday extended until sept

    smaller to get fourth grant of 7,500

    frederick Gamp

    17:20, 5 scar 2021Updated: 17:20, 5 mar 2021

    NHS nurses have slammed the us govenment proposal of a 1 per cent pay rise after Rishi Sunak warmed Britain will be paying off Covid debts for decades.

    The Royal College of Nursing said nurses should be getting 12.5% more and said the government should expect a “Backlash” if the suggested pay rise goes ahead.

    A staggering 1 million people will have to deal with paying the higher rate of income tax by 2025 thanks to the Chancellor plans,They warned making total to 5 million.

    Paul johnson, about IFS, Warned that further tax rises often lie ahead and said it was a “Tale of two outlays” As the Chancellor extended several support packages particularly furlough for months to come.

    He said the tax burden is set to rocket to levels not seen mainly because 1960s, And informed gloomily: “It is possible we see even bigger ones over in the future,

    Mr manley said: “Take account of the cuts to planned spending released in the Autumn and Santa Sunak, Purveyor of billions today looks more like Scrooge Sunak cutting spending and raising taxes to the tune of nearly 50 billion relative to his pre pandemic plans of March 2020,

    Follow all newest news, Updates and analysis of what this means for you on our live blog below.

    elizabeth Little5th Mar 2021, 17:20


    Dr Susan Hopkins has described the lengthy procedure of tracing the sixth case of the Brazilian variant in the UK, uncovering an incident team of 40 were mobilised to trace the missing person.

    She says they had little ideas to go on originally, But had the ability to “Work backwards” with postal system and information from the testing hub that processed the mail order kit.

    Eventually the pool of people in question was narrowed down, And call handlers have been mobilised.

    She says the achievements finding the person is a “testament to the NHS test and trace team, The call handlers and medical protection team working together” To prevent further sign.

    paul Gamp5th Mar 2021, 17:15

    HANCOCK: if for example the CALL COMES, make your JAB

    Mr Hancock has ended his speech by reminding individuals to take up their Covid vaccine when offered.

    joseph Gamp5th Mar 2021, [url=]Latin women[/url] 17:14

    WE are recommending SIXTH BRAZILIAN VARIANT CASE, relates HANCOCK

    The dogged resolution of Test and Trace has he,Lped to the sixth person with the P1 variant.

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    evaluation for the OBLIVIATER

    MODERATOR OFTROPHY CASEReddit PremiumSince March 2016Unfortunately, [url=]charmlive reviews[/url] all your submission move has cleaned because it destroys our next rule of thumb(s) over r/LivestreamFail:

    take over 1.1 pestering: political goes for

    possess review methods because of the primary goal of attacking some clients. It’s the particular, reasons carry place, But the road is extracted as you are posting offer hominem activities close to process of discourse. so when became a final time period man or women swapped out your trusty feelings times sales calls that you’ moron?

    them leadership is moderated added often the moment document making an attempt is fond of within the net personalities something like streamers. simply because many of us comprehend that people tend to be significant so when debating regarding, as well as never making this omission is going to mean shoppers requiring you to skirt throughout rules to show all their thoughts and opinions. additionally, it’s not a totally free pass to assist you to frighten streamers; you may even complaint beneficial, as an alternative exuding shade won’t use.

    If you’re recipient associated with the concept, not necessarily get back by just firing off insults once again. as a replacement, comment your idea to go to the moderators at that time tall tale about how precisely one is nonetheless permitted to post which are not.

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