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FKF plans to grow women’s grassroot football

FKF General Secretary Robert Muthomi hands a souvenir jersey to FIFA Instructor Jacqueline Shipanga during the closing ceremony of the week long course at the Utalii Hotel. Photo/FKF

NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 17 – Football Kenya Federation (FKF) has set plans to develop a strong women’s grassroot football structure, according to the federation General Secretary Robert Muthomi who was speaking after the culmination of the week-long coaching course in Nairobi.

The coaching course is part of the FIFA/FKF Pilot Project for women football development’s initial implementation plan.

The course brought together 40 participants at the Utalii Hotel, who were taken through basic coaching by FIFA Instructor Jacqueline Shipanga.

“As a Federation, we are looking to invest in young women through coaching education and referees training, and we expect that they will share the knowledge at the grassroots,” Muthomi said during the closing ceremony.

“We will also fully support the participants, in line with our long-term goal of developing women football at the grassroots,” added Muthomi.

FKF Deputy President Doris Petra, in the meantime, officially rolled out the Kisumu edition which will run for a week, with a referees training also underway in Meru.

A leadership workshop for elected women representatives has also been lined up in January next year.